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Today is my 1 Year off of metadone

Hello everyone, today is my 1 year clean and sober. It has been a long journey and i am so proud of myself. I never thought over a year ago i would be able to say this. I would like to thank all of you for support and help thru this. I have changed alot about myself , for the better, getting clean was the best thing that could of happen to me. I learned to enjoy life, take it as it is. People use to tell me , just wait till your off that stuff , you dont realize how its affecting you, and this is very true , i use to be unhappy with my life, angry all the time and just pure lazy. I wake up everyday smiling , laughing , im active , heck i no longer suffer from anxiety , heartburn , headaches and just a overall fog. I switched to a very healthy diet, i havent had a soda or sugary drink in 6 months, i hit the gym 5 days a week , lost over 40 pounds, its such a great feeling to know you changing yourself for the better. I run into people who dont recognize me. So if your just starting your journey or got a few months clean, stick with it , hang in there , it will get better, you just have to want those things to change, and go for it > Your the only one who can make that change. Thank you for listening to me.
God Bless
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Right on!! One year is awesome:) You sound very centered and positive.  I am so happy for you.
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Hello Soulscapex. Congratulations!! 1 Year is a Awesome Achievement! Your Testimony gave me goosebumps. I Love that your Recovery is giving you so much Joy! Life is so damned Precious as you so eloquently stated We are the only ones that can make this change. The journey getting there is what You put into it! I so Appreciate reading this I also feel very Proud for your Accomplishments! I pray the Creator continues to smile on you as I'm doing now:)) Sobriety feels good on you Keep it going! lesa
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I am so glad you are proud, I hope your proud feeling keeps building because you so deserve to feel overwhelmingly immensely proud!!!!!!

Proud in ceasing methadone, proud for every day you have stayed clean which now just clicked to 365days. Proud for every breakthrough, every milestone, every goal, every accomplishment AND for sharing, giving your time, reaching out to other people.

You are a beacon of hope and a huge ray of light for everyone no matter where they are at.

Thank you for staying here through ALL the changes, because there's one thing here that will NEVER change- people still need support!!!!!

And there's something else you deserve...
A standing ovation and a round of applause!!!!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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Thank you for the encouragement! I dont even count anymore... think its 4 weeks off done today. Still have issues, but reading these posts helped..
How did you do it? Did u do aftercare? Thise first 2 weeks were rough... im looking to plan my aftercare when school is out in 4 weeks...
Congratulations, again!
Thanks everyone, it means alot . Davidmel it will get better, just take it one step at a time. IF i can do it so can you. Yes i use a therapist , she specializes in addiction care. I surrounded myself with positive people, that gave  me tons of support. I also have a few friends in Na/AA and we talk all the time at the gym. I actually cant wait for my appointment tomorrow . My therapist has been there with me since the first day i jumped. I remember heading to her office like 3 days off,i was a nervous wreck  so it will so good to say i hit my 1 year to her. She always had faith in me, Just as i have Faith in you. Congrats on your 4 week mark.
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Isn't it just the "funnest"  (not really a word, but I LOVE it....lol)  thing ever to see your tracker change to 365 DAYS!!!!!?!!!!  Congratulations to you!  The transformations you have shared are AMAZING!  Proof in the puddin' that getting off methadone CAN be done and you did it well☺  Thank you for your continued support of others on the forum, too!  Sounds like you are keeping that promise you made to yourself in your journal last summer.  I loved what you said:
" I will keep walking forward with the sun at my back."
May God continue to bless you in your recovery~
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