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Today's progress (and playlist)

So today was spent pretty much kicking around aimlessly, like all the rest, but I feel particularly accomplished - I learned a new song on the guitar, (I'm not the best guitarist, but maybe I'll video-record it and post it here... you can check out my cover of Damien Rice's "Volcano here: https://soundcloud.com/branchlimbs/joy-damien-rice-volcano ) and cooked "Unsloppy Joes" for my roomie and I, for dinner. It's a recipe that you can find online by pillsbury, but he is gluten intolerant, so I made the biscuits from scratch. Flour everywhere, messy result, but homemade with all my love.
My playlist for today:
Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?
City and Colour - Confessions
Say Lou Lou - Fool of Me (ft. Chet Faker)
Iron and Wine - Upward Over the Mountain
City and Colour - As Much as I Ever Could
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also, Citizen Cope - Salvation
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Oh yes you included one of my fav bands "Arctic Monkeys". I'll check out your other suggestions, thank you! You sound great, a messy kitchen is a happy one, ha! Keep up the great work Joycake, ;)
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Have you been cooking those joycakes again? Lol. Congrats to you on having a great day and your first week behind you! Great job girl!
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Congrats on your week!  Keep it going!!!  
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You are doing amazing girl! Keep that positive attitude, the great music, and the good cooking and you will make it far. Music and cooking are so therapeutic.(In my humble opinion.) Great list of songs! Thanks for sharing them.
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Good job on a week clean! And yes, my favorite distractions and therapeutic things are cooking, music, reading, writing, and laundry lol! Sending great wishes your way!
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