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I saw that the Chiquita Bananas Post got bumped.
I realize that this is a serious forum, and I am on day 10 of (as I have said 20 times), "the most horrible 10 days of my life),  But as long as it kinda drifts "away"   A little humor is good for everyone???

I as well as many here understand the seriousness of this forum.  Especially in a recent recovery.  Still I would have Never gone to the social forum, to see that post,  AND  for a Moment..  I got a chuckle out of it.  One of the VERY  FEW  I have had this past week.

Sorry, had to share my "newby" feelings about this..

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Well for me,
even though I am grateful for all the help, it will be hard to check in for more than a little while on most days, when I am fully recovered.  I have missed a lot of work and need to get back.  I am doing the minimum I need to , to get by.  But I can only go so long not in the saddle.
When I am back in full force, I want to continue to  offer support to those who were in my situation, and others if I have the knowledge, but unfortunately, when here on the forum, I am not being "fiscally productive", and I am self-employed, thus I have to be accountable to myself to get things done!

At least I have met many good people in similar situations, and it has been a great help.
I am not out of the woods, as I am still dealing with tiredness, gut (as always), and  nerves.  this is the middle of day 11 I think..
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I can totally see both sides of the arguement. I agree with u totally that a good laugh is always the best medicine and I have a hard enough time finding my way around this forum and trying to get to know everyones stories and finding out info about my addiction i havent even attempted to navagiate the social forum lol.
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Well, I understand,
that if one funny post gets through, and others do not, it becomes a "my feelings got hurt" kinda thing.

So I am accepting it.. Still that post , silly as it was, gave me a good well-needed laugh.

Have a good day all.
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I understand what you are saying. I posted a few days ago and the topic I used was about the weather being so hot, but my actual post was about my experience with Suboxone and I had a question about it. I came on today to find out that it started alot of drama, (i think it was my post) which I regret. Wasn't my purpose. I was just sitting here in my "non-airconditioned" computer room and was sweating profusely at the time and could not think of a title for my sub question, so I mentioned something about the hot weather and apparently opened up a whole can of worms.......... I enjoy an occasional laugh or social comment myself without having to use the social forum. I guess I screwed up and have learned to keep things at bay now. Best of luck to you!!!
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Thanks all,
I understand there is a social forum, but as of now, I am NOT that social, and it just gave me a laugh!!!

But I do understand we need order here to make sure those in serious need are not overlooked as well..

Thanks again!  :-)
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I hear ya about not going to the social side as I never use to either but I have lately been going more and more. I feel like if I am on that side I can't offer help and support and I agree that we need a little humor on this side as well.
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They moved it over to the social forum .This forum is for the more "serious" side of addiction.  Being that it is that way we have a whole other forum that we can talk about anything and laugh, blow off much needed steam .A way to balance things .So check out the social forum, it might be just what you are looking for.
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The 'Social' side often times has humor. We all need it.
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I did not see it, But you are right. A good laugh when you are feeling bad or in w/d's is always good....

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