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Tramadol/Morphine Withdrawal

After being on codeine for the last 3 years my doctor has put me on Tramadol because I'd built up a tolerance to codeine.

It's working quite well for the pain, not really as well as I need it to, but yesterday I tried to go without to see how addicitve it is.

I woke up after having horrific dreams about a being trapped in a tank of poisonous eels, feeling like my spine was wired up to the mains.

I've been using a lot because I already have a high tolerance to opiates, what I wanted to know is if withdrawal symtoms of Morphine are any worse than Tramadol, because I think I may need to progress to that eventually.

I have permanent nerve damage.
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Hi!  I was on Fentanyl 50mcg / Morphine for 3 years.  I switched to Tramadol after day 12 of quiting ct.  I did not like the Tram, so I quit that after 2 1/2 weeks.
Tramadol wd is like an Effexor wd.  The Fentanyl wd, for me, was much more difficult.  
Fentanyl patches can be very effective for severe chronic pain, and there is a low risk of abuse.  If you need pain relief for nerve damage, ask you PM Dr. about the patch.
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Okay thanks I will.

I don't abuse my meds by the way, I try to take just what I need to control the pain, which is how I've managed to make codeine last three years.

I thought that was going to last for as long as I needed it too, but sadly, a stronger opiate was needed.
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