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Tramadol Withdrawl / Kartom & Depression

Hello wonderful guys.

My story is like many, normally just used alcohol to wind down in the evenings, I started to worry about the amount I was drinking so looked towards other things to have fun / calm down / be sociable with. I became hooked on tramadol.

I was using off and an for about 1.5 years. At the height sometimes taking 600mg day. Tried several times to come off, the longest being a month. The withdrawals were awful, the worst being restless legs.

I'm now finally finished and two weeks clean. I'm using kratom to alleviate withdrawals with great success. I know Ill probably have some withdrawls from stopping Kratom, but need to be sure I'm free of the evil tramadol first.

My problem is paws and the depression that I have been left with. My poor brain's dopamine has been screwed with and just doesn't know whats going on. Im taking st johns wort and some L Tyrosine along with loads of vitamins which I think are helping.

I just can't picture being 'ok' again, im sure there are far worse people that me, suffering awfully. I just cant get motivated to do much, the temptation to just watch tv and stay warm is overwhelming.

I'd love to hear from anybody else who has gone through something similar and how quickly they came around from PAWS. I know i need to force myself outside and excerise but I just feel...whats the point.

Im sure this is a silly question, but going back to alcohol is a bad idea right now isnt it? I miss the social/calming/habit of enjoying a drink (havent drunk for 1.5 years now)

Anyway, hope this was of help to anybody, it made me feel better just typing it out.
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First, congratulations on being 2 weeks clean....that's a great accomplishment.  The "soggy" brain feeling is completely normal and your doing the things (vitamins, L-Tyrosine, healthy eating) that are suggested to do to bring your brain back online.  The only thing I can tell you is you really need to give yourself more time.  It's not feasible to think that after doing drugs for any length of time that our brains and bodies will come back pretty quick.  There's nothing quick about it!  Just keep pushing yourself forward every day....when I first got clean I was counting the minutes, then the days, then weeks, etc....Not even really sure it's PAWS your experiencing and not just regular withdrawals still.  The lethargy and lack of motivation are total w/d symptoms.  

Wondering.....just a question....you were just looking to get yourself off of the Trams......not clean?  Why are you considering going back to drinking?  
Thanks so much for your comment. Im just ticking each day off at the moment, next big goal is three weeks :-)

I think I just miss the feeling of being woozy in some way, the feeling of a glass or wine or two just being a normal thing and not something I abuse...thats kind of what I'm aiming for.
What you just said is the most normal and honest thing I've read in awhile.  But I think, over time, your going to start seeing a pattern......and you will come to learn it doesn't matter what we use, it's all about feeling different than what we feel like with nothing in our system.  I switched from drug to drug over time...figuring well, I quit coke, so drinking isn't as bad as coke, so it's ok.  I learned over time it was just about not feeling, period.  But I'm not here to preach......you will get there when you get there.  I wouldn't drink though...not now...it will lower your inhibitions and make you rationalize things (possibly picking up a tram).  I would try staying clean for 90 days.  Regroup at that point and see what you want to do.
Thanks for that so much, Ill take your advice and hold out until I've learnt the new me.

I can feel my brain coming back, its up and down and all over the place, im just not sure who I am if that makes sense?
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Hi cloudwave,
I do understand all about the Brain thing here. I had spent the last 5yrs plus, studying  Addiction and the map of the Brain.
There are many different substances that change the makeup of the brain chemistry. This is why it takes time for all those happy chems to come back up, and for the brain to find it's balance, millions of wiring up there. However, this is also the reason why we have to be very careful too. We have the disease of addiction and it has to do with some of our chemical makeup too.  Oh, It is so deep to get into, but it is so interesting. Also, this is why you will notice some changes going on physically too and within the nervous system as well.

I have to agree with motye about the time frame on feeling better when we are NOT on any mind alerting substance. It takes some working at, lots of support and sometimes just changing your environment. This is why we say no more playing in the back yard, ppl, places and things can cause triggers. I too had used on & off for over 40yrs, come from the 60s and it was all about were the party was..lol It was the opiates to the methadone that got me so hooked and I thought there was NO way out..Wow, this has been over 5yrs now. Enjoy the new you and stay off of all mind altering substance including alcohol if you have this disease.
Bless U & good luck!
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PS..here is some info on PAWS.
After a person has become adjusted to a certain level of the drug/experience removal of it affects the emotional/biochemical balance that has been established. The person then has to adjust to living without the previous level of stimulation, etc. Post acute withdraws can last two years or more. It has a emotional and physiological aspects that are sometimes a bit difficult to endure.

HOWEVER, Everyone is different too!!! We have to just experience this ourselves and maybe we are not like the next person. I do know because of my long term drug/booze use it did take almost 2 and a half yrs..It was very interesting to notice this change, as it peeled back from day to day. YOU will be just fine in time!!!! It doesn't hurt. lol

Be Safe & Keep a POSITIVE outlook.
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