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Tramadol or Subutex for heroin withdrawals

I'm just wanting to know which would be better to help with heroin withdrawals i am on a subutex script but finding it very hard to start taking these again after after a long relapse so was thinking would Tramadol help ease the withdrawals from heroin then I could get back on the Subutex once the worst of the withdrawals are over like just after a few days??  :-/   Any advice would be appreciated.
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Hi Bonny, good to see you back.  What are your current circumstances etc? No substance is going to help if you don't get away from the heroin.. You need professional help Bonny, if you really want to do this, then you must be willing to do whatever it takes.
Where are you get the sub from?
I cant say how long you need to be off heroin or the starting dose to go back on subs, but I think you probably know, if not you can find out.

If you don't stop picking up heroin your life could easily be lost. Please come back and stay here. You are worth it.

Hi I think I've been replying in the wrong section I think I should be replying in the comment box but I've been responding in the your answer box.. I'm not sure if ppl have been getting my replies now :-/
But I'm going to stick to ,my subutex and really try and ride it out it's all I can do. Thanks for your support it mean a lot :-)
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Hi Sarah I know you are right I'm just finding it so hard to stop I just want to feel normal without having to pay to feel normal every single day I don't know what to do and I get the subs from my local chemist fron a prescription from a place called LifeLine in town. I'm really sick and tired of doing this every day I just want to be me again and look healthy and gain weight and get my personality back m, I'm a good person but this turns me into somebody different takes all my time and energy I just want to be me again but it's like asking for the world.
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Hey Bonny,

Tramadol comes with risk of seizure when taken in quantities greater than prescribed.  If you have a heroin habit you're most likely going to use more than is safe.
Trying to self medicate and avoid withdrawals without doing it in a safe way is dangerous.  If you're ready to get clean and determined to try to avoid or at least ease the withdrawals please do it under care of a doctor or rehab type place.
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Thanks I have tried over the weekend with my subutex did nearly 2 days but stupidly given in :-(  Annoyed is not the word but I can only try again. Thanks for ur advice I did decide against the Tramadol.
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Can you go to rehab?
I don't have the funds for rehab but that would be the first place I would be had I had the choice to go.
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