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Tramadol seizure help!

I really need some people to answer my tramadol seizure post. I have had 2 seizures now and am now taking Keppra but I need to get off the Tramadol safely.
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Hello Kylie you have been struggling for a long time with tramadol. Not sure if the keppra would prevent seizures from the tramadol.
How do you plan to taper and get off the tramadol?
Have you been to counseling?
Yes, a very long time! I have no idea that is why I am asking here. I just figure I would cut out like one pill a week or something. No I have not been anywhere and no one knows or can know of my addiction. I just want to talk with someone who is familiar with seizures from it.
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How many tramadol do you take each day?
I take about 15 50 mg pills a day. I had a random seizure a year and a half ago and then another a couple weeks ago. They can't find out anything wrong so obviously it is from the Tramadol. I am on Keppra now but just scared to get off them
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Hi Kylie , Tramadol was my drug of choice . You are going to want to taper off . You’ve already had two seizures if you don’t do this properly you’ll have more. Is there anyone in the medical profession that you could talk to you privately about a taper schedule?
No I cannot tell anyone
Kylie how are you feeling?
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