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Tramadol withdrawal

I have been taking 2-5 50mg tramadol a day for close to a year. For the longest time I had convinced myself I was not addicted (my husband takes 6-8 a day). I decided to quit cold turkey one day when about 20 minutes after taking them I began throwing up and continued to throw up the rest of the day. The next day was pure hell. I was extremely achy and I felt like if I got up for more than a minute or two I needed to lay back down. That night the insomnia started. I only slept maybe 2 hours.

Day 2 I forced myself to eat and shower. I managed to get out of the house but I still did not feel like myself. I was very tired but trying to sleep was useless. That night I once again only got about 2 hours of sleep.

Day 3 I began to feel better. I went out to breakfast (what else is there to do when you can't sleep) and went shopping for a little while. It was the day before Easter so I went to an Easter party and I really felt ok.

Day 4 was Easter and after running around getting my 2 and 3 year old daughters ready and going to more parties I caved. I took 2 pills. I figured I would be ok and I wouldn't have to go through the horrible withdrawal again. I was wrong. I actually slept that night but i was going to pay for it.

The next day was my daughters 4th birthday. I felt ok until the afternoon which is when I typically took the pills. We went to Chuck E. Cheese and I was miserable. I was freezing with 2 jackets on and I just wanted to sit in the booth and stare off into space the whole time. I could not control my body temp. I was either hot or freezing the whole time and I couldn't even enjoy my daughter's birthday.

Day 6 I felt just like I had on day 2. I was a little better but I still did not feel like myself. I still had very little energy.

Today is day 7. I did not sleep once again last night. I feel like I have some energy and I can get some things done (my house is a wreck after not having the energy to clean for a week). I have had a chest cold pretty much this whole time and I am going to the doctor for it tomorrow. I am still struggling on whether or not to tell my doctor about the tramadol. It angers me everyday that I would let this drug have such a strong hold on my life. I know I will soon feel better and I need to keep a positive outlook.

My biggest worry now is my husband. He works 48 hours a week. I don't work. He can't afford to feel the way I have felt. Does weening really work? If not his whole vacation in 2 months is going to be spent withdrawling from tramadol. I just wish I could help him. He sees what I am going through and it scares the **** out of him. We both know we can't depend on pills our whole life, mostly for our daughters' sake. I just wish we never would have started in the first place.
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Hey - just want to wish you good luck at your Dr's appt. tomorrow - you got this :))
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So glad to see you started the new thread.  Hopefully you will get some new responses from other members soon.  Sometimes it's a little slow, but keep checking; I'm confident you will get support.  Also - you can send me a personal message any time.  Good luck to you both - please keep posting with your progress and how it goes with the doctor.  
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