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Traveling during withdrawals

This is my third attemp at getting off Percs. I am nearing the end of my supply as I know I can't taper and I can't flush them down the toilet. I will be out of pills and starting on day 1 this coming Sunday. My plan is to attend Church Sunday morning and pray for God's help and receice a special prayer from the Pastor. This is big for me since I have not been in three months during this last run. I have felt so ashamed for relapsing. Finally getting to my question.............
I will be on a plane with my Aunt going to see my other Aunt on day 6. Do you think I will be strong enough to fly without having any major issues? I have already purchased the tickets so there is no turning back. This trip should really help as my Mother is deceased and my Aunt's are very loving and supportive and remind me of Mom.
You Guy's I have to make it this time as I have really spiraled in general this run. I am going to really need all of your help starting this Sunday. Thanks in advance to you all. For some reason I am terrified this time?!
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I hope you are doing ok!!!! Just focus on the 'here and now'! When a craving hits, just try to remain present in the moment. Don't let your mind wander to the dark side; you only need a few seconds of distraction to let your mind stray away. It will pass, just breath!
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Hey soon to be TIRED NO MORE, YES, You will be fine to travel on day 6 (IMO). The distraction of a trip and welcome company will be a perfect distraction. Start now with the protein drinks and be sure to get the B vitamins going. Make sure you have some sleepytime tea for night and the plane ride. Remember all the times you probably detoxed and didn't even know what it was and you kept on going. I had to make a 6 hour drive on day 2 with my last AND FINAL detox. As Gnarly says....ya have to be ok with not feeling ok for a bit. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Keep posting, I'll be looking for you. PS-bring on ipod on the plane and listen to some cool tunes to keep you relaxed.
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I love the iPod idea on the plane! Also, hopefully you'll be feeling some energy returning by day 6. The remaining dragged out feeling will be only from the sleep issues we get from detoxing. The opiate will be pretty much out of your system in comparison to just starting out. You'll find that when we're sitting around home while detoxing, it leaves little to do but dwell on the symptoms. But doing something that requires energy, like jumping through all the hoops at a major airport, will awaken all your senses big time! You'll breeze through it.

Stay in the now, the future will take care of it's self when it arrives. Enjoy your visit!
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Great advice with the IPod music heals and soothes the soul... You should be physically ok by day 6 it's just the mental fear/anxiety but so long as your mind is busy ie the music you will be good.. I have actually been opiate free for a few months and just returned from a cruise /vacation opiate free and I never thought I would make it and it was actually refreshing not to be worried about counting prescriptions and planning my world around refills..,
You will do it !!
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I agree with the others.  Great suggestions!  I think your fear is escallated this time since you know what's coming, but you also know how to deal with it, so you have that on your side.  Glad you are asking for help and trying again.  Each time I relapsed it spiraled faster out of control too.  The sooner you can nip it in the bud, the better.  
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I just took my last Perc and have six 5-500 vicodin's that I will take tomorrow. That means Friday will be day one and I will have 3 days under my belt before going back to work on Monday. I am really excited guys, dunno why this time? Just sick of feeling like this...finally! That means when I get on the plane I will be on day 9 and should be feeling pretty good. Outta be a great vacation with my Aunties! I will try and not blubber much this weekend as you have all heard me before. I hate the titty babies!
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I am excited for you. I know you can do it! I cannot wait to hear how you are doing as we embark on this journey pretty much at the same time. Peace and blessings....
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You'll be fine! I actually planned out and went thru my detox from percs on vaca, in another state so I knew I couldn't get more... It worked! I have been off them for about a week now... I have been taking suboxone, but just small pieces as needed... Getting out of your normal life for a bit will help you break the habit of thinking about it all the time... Sitting at home you will...
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                                "Inaction breeds doubt and fear.
                           Action breeds Confidence and Courage.
                                  If you want to Conquer fear,
                              do not sit home and think about it.
                                      Go Out And Get Busy."

                                                    ~ Dale Carnegie (1888 ~ 1955)
                                               Prayers, Blessings, <3, and light. . .

                                                                     ~ jimi (lil wing =0)
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Thanks for the support everyone.
I am getting ready for tomorrow. My champaign tub in the bath is fixed, should I use Epsom salt? I have been to the store & stocked up on supplies. I do now have to work Fri but, as I recall day one is not that bad? I should have lingering opiates left in my system to get thru it. See you on the other side.
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