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Has anyone tried trazodone for sleep while detoxing? I also have Melatonin that I took last night. Relaxed me a bit but didnt quite put me to sleep.
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I tried trazodone when I first started detoxing........it actually made me wired and kept me awake.  I take Melatonin and Valerian at night....it really helps.  I also read at night...it gets my mind off of things and relaxes me enough to fall asleep.  I don't sleep a lot..usually about 4-5 hours a night...but it seems to be all I need anymore.  When I was taking pills, I would sleep 10 hours a night!  
I still get real bad RLS at night and the Valerian seems to help that.
Hope this helps a little!
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Good post Jebs!!  Sleep is always hard to come by early in wd but it does come back so keep hanging in there.........sara
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I'm 21 days off methadone and can ONLY sleep at night with Trazadone. I've heard it dosen't work well for some people but for me it's been extremely helpful. I sleep all night every night. If not for Trazadone I would be going out of my mind!!
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I kow it is probably not the best but xanax has helped me through the sleeping crap.  Ambian did nothing for me but xanax has helped.  I know it is replacing another drug but I jus want to sleep and get those friggin opaites out of me!!!
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I used them the first few days of my withdrawal. Try not to unless you REALLY can't sleep. Good luck!
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I've only been taking Clonazepam for a couple of week - half a pill at night because I was having anxiety attacks - along with a new course of Fluoxetine daily.  I have been feeling pretty good.  Last night, as per my doctor's instructions, I switch from Clonazepam to Tradazone and this morning I feel like HELL.  I feel like I have the worst hang over ever (and I am a recovering alcoholic - I can't remember the last time I had a hang over)  This is terrible. I have now read too many posts about the hang-over effect from Tradazone and I am hoping it's the usual internet-info over-kill. I hope this doesn't last.  Could it be I am simply detoxing from Clonazepam?
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