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Trying to get off 30's without going back to Methadone.

I have been taking pills for years started with xanax then lortabs then Methadone . I took Methadone for 6 years and I wanted to get off those and tried and tried again it was just to much. So I started taking Percocet 15 and 30mgs. Know I take one 30mg a day well most days but the days I dont I'm Sick!!! So please help! Any suggestion how I can get off these devil pills.
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Do you think you could do a taper?? or what I mean trust urself w/ a few and wean down then try to jump off? Then try the thomas recipe. I didn't do the t.r myself but have read alot of ppls post's that had great success w/ it. Then some counseling or aa/na to keep you busy? Just some suggestions. I personally went into a 30 day program to kick a heroin /benzo habit and have been in counseling since 17 mos ago still going!1 That's just what had to happen for me I couldn't do it myself. I wish you the best It can be done!!
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Hey---Im a Methadone Addict, Yes, Satans advocate. I have to agree...Methadone Tapering is the Only way. ABove that, u need a good doctor that will supply u weekly doses. That way u will atleast try and make the Metha last. Im down to my final 5mg until I finally get the Mental Weakness to take it. 5mg will do absolutely nothing for me, since I have been taking 60mg a day for around a year...but its the Mental faction I need.

Time, Tapering and WillPower are ur tools. Another helpful relief is Valium. I have 60tabs of 5mgs that  i take take daily. Im Almost Over the Need for Methadone. I no longer want it nor am I so Weak that I will give in to Scrounge for it. But I feel sickish still and uneasy.
All I can do is wait it out.

Been taking RedBull and Vivarin for Peps - helps for that but I feel really uneasy. If I can make it past tonight - I think I will have finally gotten somewhere.
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HI welcome to the forum.....well it will be ezer to get off the percs then the methadone how long has it been since you made the switch ??? typically your only sick for a week or so coming off the percs the methadone your sick for 90 days so the switch will be helpful if you have been on them a wile you will do a typical home detox look up the stuff in the thomas recipe you will find it on the lower right of the screen under the health pages get your self physiced mentally for doing this and just let us know when you want to start
I will wait to here back from you about how long you been off the methadone
hang in there will get you threw this good luck and God bless....Gnarly  
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I agree totally with Gnarly, having experienced both, it would be much easier to beat the percs than start back with the methadone.  If you think about it, that is why you went back to the percs in the first place, the methadone WDs were so long and hard and that is why I had a relapse, but now that I am in the processing of coming clean from pills again, I can say it is a lot less challenging than methadone.....not to say that it is easy, but I can look back and remember the methadone WD hell and continue forward with beating these pills, which is my greatest challenge anyhow and something I needed to do even prior to methadone.
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