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Trying to kick suboxone

My name is clayton, I'm 20 years young and have a great life started as of current day... I have a giant wall preventing me from living my life to the fullest. I am an addict to suboxone. Suboxone was made to help with withdrawls from my oxycontin addiction. Not only does suboxone act as a back up drug, it also is horribly addictive and the withdrawls are worse in my personal opinion. I really want to kick the drug and become drug free but can't seem to get through the first week. Please... I need some advice, maybe some procedure I can do or something that can help. I really want the help just can't find it around me. Please write back ASAP ill be on nearly all day.
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Your sub doc should help taper u off.  If you havent asked then do
Most taper off sub slowly.  How long have u been on it?
Folks taper down to slivers...then even to slivers every other day.  There are sub groups like AA that meet in most towns and cities.  Aftercare/support rox/as do the health pages...There are sub articles and methadone articles there as well as the thomas recipe.  Methadone and sub being similar in stopping as they both have a long half life making them longer to taper from/longer wds if stopped CT.
Hang tight..u r not alone and keep posting
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I am self medicated. Have been doing subs for 3 and a half years now and truley hate the drug. I am a zombie nearly all the time. I work 10 to 6 am and want to dedicate my life to work and my girlfriend, but like I said, subs prevent me from doing these things to the fullest.
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