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Trying to quit while being a caregiver

8 months ago i weened myself off long acting opiates successfully with VERY little withdraw. Now i am a caregiver for a family member with no help from the rest of my family. I want to decrease my vicodin but everytime i try i get sick and mentally sad. I do not want anyone to know what i am doing and i dont want anti depressants etc. How can i do this successfully when i am the only caregiver. No other choices. I am the only one who will help. Nursing home etc nit qn option. No way.
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HI dopesickalice and welcome!  So I wanted to say first that I know exactly the fear you are going through. I am 19 days clean today and I am the primary caregiver for both my mother and brother who are both very sick. Getting sober during this time was NO fun at all! Im not going to lie. But what helped me with the mental aspect of it was knowing that it was important for me to be able to do the best job I could for them both and being High isnt the best we can give.

I found that while I was attending to them, I didnt think much of the pills so it was really on my "down" time that I struggled. I took this time for myself and started running/exercising which was SO helpful during the first week or so with the mental aspect.

I know that everyone is different and most would probably not attempt to do this during these times so for you I guess its a matter of trying to tap into why you want to get clean and how important that is to you? Your very brave for wanting to do this. I commend you!

I know you are doing what is right for you in taking care of your family member, but if your going to try to come off of these during this time then make sure you take time out for yourself too! That part is extremely important! Its hard to balance sometimes but you can do it!

My heart goes out to you
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Hi Alice! You said that you successfully weaned your self off of long acting opiates. So, what are you still taking, and how much? Is the family member you are caring for taking pain medication? Perhaps you are weaning yourself to fast? A successful taper should be long and slow. I know how difficult it is to be a caregiver, I did it for over 3 years! If you can, give us some more details and you will get some advice and support! Take care, I wish you all the best!
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Thx 4 quick responses. I am on 5-6 vic 7.5 a day. I want to reduce cuz i am tired of having to take a pill just to keep from crawling outta my skin every morning. I spend most of my morning waiting for it to kick in to keep the sickness away but i still dont feel normal. I would have to take two or three at a time to feel normal. I dont wanna continue this cuz then i run out too soon. Yes my famiky member just got their own vic rx. Before that he got them from elsewhere. Hes in his 80s btw. No i would never take his. I never took anyones rx nor have i stolen $. I know that is commob with some caregivers. My family had a bad prob with a previous sick grandparent. Oddly enuff i am the only one they trust. Tho like i said b4 i have no desire to take his rx. I just wish tappering was fast and easy. Its slow and painful. My pain is more emotional now.
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Oh and i am overweight and out of shape so its hard to exercise. I HATE it cuz it makes me feel faint and my heart explodes n i feel sick.
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Hi and welcome to the forum! I'm 10 days clean from 5-8 percocet 10s a day. I quit cold turkey and it was not nearly as bad a you psyche yourself up for so I think YOU should and CAN definitily to it too!! Day 2 was the worst for me and I still managed to go to the grocery store, go for a small walk, and take care of my 3 yr old daughter. It can be done and it's all about how you mentally pep yourself up. Staying positive is key. By day 4 I was feeling over the skin crawls / sweats. Be sure you stock up on the vitamins in the Thomas Recipe (I didn't use the valium/xanax or the L tyrosine), get some Ensure, bananas, saltines, Gatorade/Powerade, and melatonin (for sleep). I'm so happy for you and I know you can do this! Trust me, you'll have a whole new outlook on life and will be feeling better than ever in no time! Please keep posting!!

Samantha :)
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Thank u happy. I need to check that Thomas recipie. I am bipolar with pschizo typal and anxiety disorder so yes my mind set is critical in achieving this. I admit i am scared. Time to poo or get off the pot. Thx for possitive feed back
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I have to admit that i havent tapered. I have taken more and more. At each sign of detox i pop a pill or two and i detox in about 6 hours. I feel awful and i hate myself. I cant do it while caregiving. And my youngest 12 yr old girl says i space out on dope but its the only time she sees me happy. What have i done to my kids? :-(
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Is it possible to work with a doctor on setting up a taper plan.  I think with the health issues you have it may be the best and safest choice.  It wont be easy but we are all here to cheer you on and pick you up when you need it.
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