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Two addicts

Is there anybody who is in a situation of trying to recover with their partner ? If so how is it going????. Is it friging impossible or is it just hard to have two self centered people together. Please let me know.
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I did it by myself as i am single... i could see how it could be a definite challenge as i am strong minded and do not take direction well at all....if u r both in this together then u need to both end this together and act as one unit...can be done...probably takes some give and take on both sides...in order to get clean I would probably give in a bit more than usual for the cuase (:
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I am sure that it is difficult due to the fact that your both going through w/ds and are probably a bit on edge..it is not impossible although it may seem to be at times..I have the opposite..i am recovering and my husband is still an addict..very challenging either way..hang in there..stick together and understand you both are going through alot of the same things and even different ones as well..
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I would think that if two people survived the detox period without killing each other, and neither relapsed straight away... that *then* it may actually be beneficial if both were very supportive with helping each other through PAWS episodes and dealing with aftermath issues.

But sheesh... I would think how messy it could be for two people both completely consumed with battling their own personal hells at the same time to be a recipe for disaster. Not too mention if one made it to detox and the other didn't...

Interesting question...
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I personally could not get clean when i was with my ex (also an addcit), we would promise each other that that day was gonna be the last and we would help each other. However it didnt work out like that.......i would try so hard and get he would come home 'high', this would make me want so bad, so i would always go out and get! This went on for about a year, trying and failing, trying and failing! We could not do it together, i left and here i am....over a year clean. I'm not saying it cant be done, if couples do this together, i personally think it will make their relationship so much stronger. Knowing what each other are going through and supporting each other could be the new foundations to an excellent future!  
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my son...who is a crystal meth addict...is married to a meth addict too.  she is in school and working part-time and wants very badly to NOT do drugs of any kind, anymore.  the only time "she" relapses...is when "he" brings it home into their house.  seems he wants to keep bringing her down with him.  this is causing alot of problems in their new marriage of 11 months now.  she cant understand WHY...he cant respect her enough to not ask her to do it with him.  she is trying sooooo hard to turn her life around...but it is kind of hard to do when it is put right in front of her eyes.  

i would think that it is EXTREMELY hard to recover when there are two addicts in the house...especially if their drug of choice is the same!!!
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Hang in there it is doable. My wife and I are both addicts but she got the only bed available in detox wich is cool with me. I want only the best for her, we have been married 29yrs and we want our lives back. I am home with an exellant support group in my family and church. My prayers will be with you.
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Yes it is very hard, if the both of you are not on broad with the program.. I do not see it working if one keeps getting high. My b/f is on methadone. I was trapering off pills. He would take my pills even though he didn't need them. he was just looking for the high. It can cause alot of bad feeling between the two of you... For me it's been very hard. To the point of thinking of moving on.....

  Hope this helped you...

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