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Tylenol 1 Addiction / Sense of Hopelessness

Hello, I'm new here... I'm 31, married, and the father of two.  I'm also addicted to tylenol 1's.  On average I take 15 pills at a time, 3 times a day.  There have been times when I have taken 20 per dose.  About half hour after I take them I get the high I want, but it doesn't last long, then I feel sick.  By the end of the day (after eating 45 to 60 pills) I feel horrible, I'm pale, bloated, and have difficulty going to the bathroom.  I know what I'm doing is wrong, but I don't really care.  I've been struggling with depression nearly all my life as well.  I look at myself as "damaged goods".  I feel that I'm broken and can never be fixed. I'm taking a lot of medication for the depression (Effexor 75mg x 3,Effexor 37.5mg, and Prozac 20mg, all that once a day)I like to drink almost every weekend, I smoke cigarettes like others breathe air, and I take tylenol.  I know that the tylenol is doing damage to my body, they must be by now - I've been taking pills like this for almost 2 years pretty much every day.
I'm not even sure what to do anymore...
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Tylenol 1's??  are those over the counter or the ones with codeine??
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The ones with Codeine.  I live in Canada so I don't need a prescription to get them
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I live in Michigan, I came to Canada and bought some of those we call them 222's and they made me feel like sh** to, Is this something you want help getting off of? Or have you tried stopping?  I know that opiate addiction and depression go hand in hand did you have the depression before the abuse? I don't mean to ask so many questions it just helps to know some of these things to help you..
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I've been depressed my whole life, even as a child.  I was severely abused by my father when I was young.  As a teenager I drank a lot, I smoked pot constantly, and I did LSD for quite some time.  I stopped using LSD and pot and was sober for a few years, I got married, went to college, in general I just got my life back on track.  But the depression was always still there in the background.  Gradually it got worse and worse and I started using 222's.  With depression you manifest physical pains and complained about back pains to my doctor.  She started me on T3's, then I abused those.  Then I complained more and she upped my meds to oxycontin and percosets - large quantities of both.  Then she pulled me off them cold turkey and I went through terrible withdrawls.  My depression became worse, so I saw a phsychologist who diagnosed me with depression.  I was put on antidepressants (which I still take), but now I've also gone back to using 222's.  I've quit a few times before, but always seem to go back to them after a month or so.
I do want to quit using.  I just cannot find the right motivation or reasons to do so.  I should do it for my wife and my children, but it just doesn't seem to help.  My wife knows a little of my addicition, but not the whole story.  She doesn't know I'm using again.  I've become very good at hiding my addiction, like most of us probably have...
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I don't know about anyone else but I can tell you about my personal experience, I abused vicodin for about 5 years and was also very good at hiding it from my husband as well, I did try to quit c/t about 8 months ago because he wasn't really very supportive about it and he basically told me it is a mind over matter thing and I should just be able to quit if I really wanted to.. Well needless to say it did not last very long I went right back to using.. Well I finally got sick and tired of feeling like sh** everyday and went to the out patient clinic in Detroit where they put me on Suboxone about 2 months ago and that is like a Godsend to help with the withdrawls.. I really wanted my husbands support so on the advice of vicaadict who is also on this forum I had him read all of the posts here to get an idea of what addiction is like and that it is not a mind over matter thing, it is real and real people suffer from it. He is a completely different person now and very supportive. I know that depression is a horrible thing to deal with and I am very sorry to hear about the abuse you went through as a child. I am sure your depression is a very hindering problem in your recovery from opiates.I think maybe if you get your wife a little more involved maybe she can help you. If not this is a great place for you to start as we all know what you are going through as far as the addiction sometimes it just helps to talk to people who know how you feel.. Please let is know what we can help you with I know I am willing to help you in any way I can..
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I really appreciate all the advice.  I don't find the WD from the 222's very bad, just more of a nuisance (compared to the HELL I went through going cold turkey from the oxy and perc cocktails).
I just really love to be high...
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Check out the post directly below yours. While the w/d's from the T1s might not be all that bad, the amount of acetaminophen you are taking is going to DESTROY your liver in short order. You've gotta stop taking that much, ASAP....

I believe T1s have 300mg of ACET, so, 15 X 300 X 3 = 13500mg

That's 13.5 grams of Acetaminophen a day. MAXIMUM dose you're supposed to be taking is 4 grams.

Just something to think about...


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First of all, I am not a doctor, nor do I hold any degree or certificate in any medical/psychological related field. All internet advise should be viewed with heavy criticism as it is highly anecdotal. Only trained professionals should be trusted with your symptoms.

I notice you have identified one of the biggest stumbling blocks for addicts and those with clinical depression--the "damaged goods" belief.

Unless you're dying (routine tests with a doctor should prove otherwise), you are NOT damaged goods. Our bodies are incredibly adept at regeneration. Often we deplete some of our resources (cilia in the lungs of smokers, for example), but making healthy choices from now on will stop and sometimes reverse depletion--cilia do grow back!

From what you have mentioned, it seems your issues are psychosomatic and they need to be addressed through rigorous counseling with a therapist or psychiatrist. Always remember this:

Depression is indescribable to those who either don't have it or are not qualified to address it. The state of mind you think you are in is one experienced by millions of people (in various forms) and IS treatable, regardless of how irreversible or "deep" you believe the associated pain is. Much like your body, your mind is also capable of healing. The anti-depressants you are taking help correct the serotonin/norepineprine imbalance believed to be associated with major depression. While this therapy is useful, it does not attack the root cause. A combination of therapy and medication seems to yield the best results. A psychiatrist may recommend a mono-amine oxidase inhibitor instead of the SSNRI you're taking. Usually these MAOI's are used as a last resort due to their highly potent effects and dietary restrictions.

Your brain can mend along with your body. Your future will always be bright if you remember that the pain and hurt WILL go away--it may simply require an alteration in treatment. After all, everything we perceive is only governed by tiny electrical impulses in the brain. Some impulses can be trained through medication and cognitive behavioral therapy. That training--tough as it may be, will eventually heal your thoughts and put you back into a state of mind that is the same, or even better, than the state you were in before your depressive symptoms began. There is no reason why you can't achieve this state, as so many (like myself) have done in the past.

Depression is horrible--it tricks the mind into feeling helpless and hopeless; it takes away pleasure and renders its victims fatigued and constantly in pain (mental and physical). The good news is it can be managed and reversed in most cases, putting the positive life force back in your soul and allowing you to achieve the fulfilling goals you once had. Surpass them, even! Just remember to take small steps at first.

This planet began four and a half billion years ago in a galaxy that has two to four hundred billion stars. And that galaxy is only one of hundreds of billions of other galaxies, each possibly containing hundreds of billions of stars themselves. And the whole Universe is still growing at incredible rates! Nasa has actually used the term "zillion" to describe the amount of stars we have. Earth was a small rock that fused, through gravitational pull, larger pieces to its base. It grew as a uninhabitable ball of molten rock until eventually, enough environmental factors (particularly its distance from the sun) allowed for life to grow and evolve over billions of years. You were a sperm, competing with fifty billion others to breach your mother's egg. And despite a whole host of common human vulnerabilities, you managed to beat the rest and grow and develop into the person you are today.

You are so worth saving.
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I have abused T1's for over 10 years and now I am having severe symptoms of liver damage. Here is what T1 addiction did to me;

Ears ringing from toxin buildup

Shortness of breath (hypoxia)

Bones breaking easily (osteoporosis) I got a leg fracture last summer

Cramps due to low zinc

Pain in liver, kidney's, and chest

Green bowel movements (strange I know)

Itching all over, especially legs

Abdomen swelling and showing more

Bruise easily (I got a softball sized bruise just from running into something lightly)

Weight gain around waste

Water retention especially around my legs and ankles (edema)

Weakness in muscles

   I am quitting T1 addiction for good because death and shameful exposure are right in front of me. I just know I must. It's ironic that the very thing I used to alleviate pain and fear has caused incurable pain and terror as to what I may face next. Please pray for me.
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I've read your above post and I feel so bad for you. It's amazing how our addictions become more important than even our own health. You obviously live in Canada to have the ability to purchase these OTC. I also live in Canada (Calgary) and abused these for a short time but it just wasn't my DOC. I don't pray often but I think I'm gonna start, I will certainly pray for you.

God Bless,
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taking that much tylenol will kill your liver.  U are already experiencing the bloating and the problems going to the bathroom.  I would imagine you have already done damage to kidneys and liver
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i started the T1 thing when my daughter was born. she is 16 now. i average 11 pills at a time about 4 times a day i need to get off the **** and have tried several times only to fail on top of that i have just recently been diagnosed with bipolar depression so now im on seroquel and citralapam  the funny thing is last week the doctor ran me for a bunch of blood test and even after 16 years of T1 abuse my liver and kidneys are still very healthy weird i know but none the less i need to quit the money alone that i would be saving would be astronomical, i was wondering if anyone out there has tried the methadone treatment for this addiction and if they had any success?
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Consider yourself lucky that you still have no obvious kidney or liver damage and take this opportunity to stop taking this drug.
Are you taking it for pain or the high?
You have to make up your mind that you want a clean life more than the drugged hazed life and endure the discomfort of detox.
Then the hard part starts and you have to have some after care to stay away from these opiates because it is even harder when one can buy them legally otc.
Methadone is far too strong to use for Tylenol #1 addiction.You will have a worse time trying to go off methadone than the Tyl#1.
To the right of the page scroll up or down and find the Thomas recipe to help you during detox with vitamins and nutrients.
You can do it because I did it detoxing from Tyl#3 and am clean over 6 months now.
I can also but Tyl#1 otc but have no desire or cravings because I discovered that I did not need opiates in my life at all.
Good luck and keep posting
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I can't believe I found this thread.  I have been taking T1's or 222's for yrs.  I take 7 at a time now (my max).  I was able to stop for a few months about a yr ago and I am now trying to stop again.  I am in Calgary, Alberta Canada and hate that Canada has it OTC.  I take it for chronic headaches and nasty shoulder and neck tension.  But I think there is a rebound effect from the tylenol & codeine that causes you to have headaches once you have not taken the 222's for 24hrs or so.  I love to run and I would take them before and after a run to be sure I did not get a headache (so dumb and sometimes a severe headache would happen regardless when I excersise & take the T1's).  

I will take them for the high (not really a high anymore) if I am stressed or having anxiety.  It is expensive also to have to buy them.  I know the initial withdrawal is only about 3 days but takes months for the body to repair.  For those that are trying to get off T1's and get headaches....take liquid Advil Caps.  It does help a bit.  

I have depression also and take 300mg Effexor daily.  Ironically the withdrawal from Effexor is WAY worse then T1's.  I think those that have depression are susceptible to abuse of other drugs if they have access...well I am anyway.  The doc wanted to give me benzo's for anxiety and I had to say hell no!  For fear of addiction....maybe I have watched too much Intervention shows Lol!!!  He gave me Seroquel instead.

I don't tell anyone I take them (except my best friend who has her own issues).  I have kept this from everyone close to me.  Especially the idealistic boyfriend who frowns upon anyone that has to take pills of any sort, for anything grrr....  

The thing is....you can get off T1's.  You need to have a few days were your home and safe.  You will feel better after the withdrawals.  It does get better!!!  The relief and gratification that you have when you do not need to keep the secret that you take them, and to not have to hunt them down, and spent a fortune on them is SOOOO worth it.

Cheers Everyone!!!

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You are right Brooklyn...it can be done and i did a little more research on advil and it also stimulates dopamine and gives a slight reward like opiates....but not nearly as strong.
If you convince yourself that that is enough for pain you will not need or desire the opiates.
I even get a very slight mellow feeling when I take ibuprofen or tylenol for pain and that is enough for me.
I do not even crave the opaites at all.
Perhaps you can withdraw from these opiates nd find pain relief in otc meds at recommended doses.It works
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Back to the depression part of this topic.  I also suffered with depression all my life. I have been on tons of different pills and seen tons of different counselors. I am in Canada and unless we can pay for counseling we generally can only get the services that are free.

Nothing ever really did it, but after a bit of time off I would give it another try.  Then I finally was put on the right combo of meds and found the right counselor.  This person was skilled in PTSD and helped me get at some really key parts of my past.  

So my message is 2 things. First dont give up on finding the right meds, and keep looking for the right counselor.  There are amazing new therapys being developed and they could be right for you.
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hello ive been addicted for mabye a yr now and i also have a daughter..i think i take them because of how tired i am and how it gives me a little high..when i was 17 i used to party alot..and have done alot of drugs but the only symptom im going through is not being able to go to the bathroom ....please help me with this,i need some advice anyone have any ideas?.....im very stressed that i cant go to the bathroom!!!!
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Hello everyone,  I am new here to .  I to have been addicted to TY1 for about 2 years. I have always suffered from bad headaches and migraines and when I moved to Canada someone told me to try TY1 to relieve the pain of headaches. So I did, I remember taking 4 pills the first time and feeling a little high, and then i didn't take them for a long time. I had never done drugs in my life and I am now 28 i didn't even take the prescribed ones.Then when i quit smoking and after some other things happening in my life,  i started feeling really sad and down all of the time. I had no desire to do anything, and i remembered the high i felt off of the 4 pills i took the first time, so i tried a few and felt the same high, they made me feel better gave me energy and everything. I now take 25 to 30 a day. If i don't take them i feel sick, and have no energy but I want to stop.I know it is killing me slowly but surely. It is so much easier to take them then it is not to and being able to get them without prescription makes it easier as well. No one knows about my addiction, not my husband not my closest friend. I have decided that at the end of October when all of my family is going away for 8 days, that i will stop. I will be here by myself no stress no aggravations, I can just lock the doors and go through the w/d and no one would be the wiser. I chose this time so that it gives me a month to wrap my head around not taking them and make whatever plans i need to in order to stay off of them. I am open to any advice you have to help with this. I will probably not post again until the end of October after i get off of these pills and let you know how i did , but i will check back to see what has been written :)   No matter who u are and what is happening  don't give up,  i know i wont !!
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i have been addicted to t1s for about 8 years or more, im 42 year old women,it started with getting tooth pulled,now in the past year i take nine at time three or four times a day.first thing i think about in morning when i wake up is my pills.the high does not last long anymore .its such a habbit doesent do anything for me anymore.why do i keep taking them?going to try the water exctraction thing thats on this forum .so im not killing my liver anymore.so easy to get these in canada i go to same store once a week or two,and they dont ask any questions i wonder if there giving me fake pills they do do that i think there called placibo or something.knowing im addicted to them.maybe
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Where is the water extraction thing?
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i have not tryed water extraction yet but will it takes out the stuff that kills your liver and leaves the rest in the water, i saw a video on utube under water extraction.
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This is a very dangerous thing to do.......Please rethink this.  
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Hello everyone-
    Ive been taking them for 21 yrs Im 49 yrs old! it used to be 11 at a time then passed out told my therapist what happened and tried to quit she was naturally quite concerned but confidentiality is a part of their practice so no one knows. I started for all the same reasons low energy headaches depression (tho Im not on anything for it) I read the one persons letter with all the damaged organs and  symptoms and it scared the crap out of me --I have some of those symptoms and know the others will come if I dont stop.  I tried real hard to cut back got down to 5 pills 3 x a day --seems we all seem to take a certain number 3 x a day.  I have remained at 6 pills 3 x a day but know that is not enough it must be stopped but I also realize if I can stay at 6 from 11 then why not 3 or 4 then 1or 2 until it stops but we all know relapse is almost a certainty...Im scared too very scared but other times I think I dont care but I wouldnt be typing this if I didnt I want to live and dont want to die from liver shutdown etc...I am ever so lucky to be alive my god it likely would have killled other ppl what I have taken --obviously my liver is strong but it wont be for long god I need help...my husband knows but he just looks the other way he sees me take them and buys them for me...He loves me ppl but he likely feels I will freak out or get them anyway --no one else knows I am ashamed and feel ridculous and a fake I am a nurse and take care of ppl I never take pills from narc cupboard ever of course as I can get my own pills --small concession I guess...I need to quit I must quit
    for thise who did the cold turkey thing how did you feel after? and how long before you werent climbing the walls??/
I hope and feel for everyone on here it is a nasty little secret we all keep but it s going to kill us all if we dont stop!
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if you are still reading this post.....write back. Im also in Calgary and have the same addiction to T1. Maybe we can help each other.
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