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Ultra Rapid Opioid Detoxification (U.R.O.D)

Has anyone tried Ultra Rapid Opioid Detoxification (U.R.O.D). I am on methadone and i don't want to withdrawal the methadone for 1 year. I will trawel from Norway to Belgrade for detox from methadone. I was at 150 mg, I am now at 100 mg and will try to stay at 70 mg methadone and little diazepam before detox 5 of january.
Has anyone been in Belgrade in the Dr. Vorobiev and tried this detox method, either in Belgrade or US or any place with the same detox? Does anyone have experiences to share? I have heard many rumors and the method has developed over the last 10 years and is a mixture of accelerated and rapid detox with amino acids and various content. Plain it is to get an implant with natrexon or a syringe with naltrexone depot. Would like to hear from anyone who has tried or have experience with this type of detox.
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Hi there,

I underwent a UROD procedure several years ago, and while it certainly gave me what I paid for, it was not a pleasant experience.  I posted here shortly after, as there were some users asking about UROD.

I was detoxified, however was not withdrawal free when I awoke from anesthesia.  

The procedures have changed, and are now becoming more humane... however those are known as Accelerated detoxes, and not the old Naltrexone under anesthesia routes.

What is the plan for your UROD?  HAve you asked the doc if you can talk to some of his patients to hear their stories?  

As expensive as this treatment is, I would be sure to get all the info you can.  

Best of luck to you,
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I know no one in Norway that has been in Belgrade. I had contact with a place in England, who ran with accelerated detox, but they think I was to high at the methadone to start there. I was on 130 mg for 14 days ago and intend to get down to 70 mg before detox- start. I can only ask detox place by mail, but no one to ask who have completed treatment. So I post here. Did you feel really bad after U.R.O.D. detox stop? Normally, the detox last 7 days. I'll be at detox for 10 days so hope that I will not be sent home with lots of withdrawal symptoms.
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HI  we have had several members choose rapid detox....I have never heard anything positive come out of it most people are really sick coming off of it you might want to taper down to 20mg on the methadone then switch to sub for a 90 day quick detox
I know of a member who did that successfully be very careful with rapid detox
again we haven't hers about any good results good luck and God bless....Gnarly  
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Thanks for answer, I switched from methadone to Subutex, but I was on 100 mg and switched from there to Subutex. I was very sick the first 3 days but after 7 days I started to feel Ok because of the Subutex, but I stay at the Subutex (8-20 mg). So after hepatitis C treatment, I had a lot of pain and want to be on morphine. But the hospital gave me only the damned methadone.
If I feel very abstinence (withdrawal symptoms) after detox I will take Subutex, but then back to Subutex.
I have been on Subutex and methadone in 5 year now, and low dose subutex it not so easy to stop with.
I have been on all different opiates in 20 year now, but stay clean for 5 years after prison. The best years in my life.
I'm tired of all the withdrawal from various substances. Thanks for your good answer, and it's a good option.
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Hi, you can read about henrys experiences in his journals and past posts on here.
I've never done a rapid detox myself but I haven't really heard many good things about them. Over here in the uk they sound like a very expensive way to detox to me.  I'm not sure what the situation is in Norway. But have you ever thought of inpatient rehab. 100 ml of meth is a high dose to just come off of alone.
I went to rehab here in the uk in 2000 where people were slowly being detoxed from high doses of meth with minimal pain.
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Yea I can't imagine a rapid detox coming off that high of an amount of methadone would be comfortable after. However I do not know anyone that has actually used this method so I can not say. I am interested to hear how you make out. I wish you the best of luck and success with your recovery. It takes a man to say yes to getting help. Good luck, John
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yes I will read now about Henrys detox. I was in contakt with a rehab in UK, the name is
Detox 5, but they had a limit for 70-80 mg methadone. I believe that was acselerated detox and I rated the place.
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Woh...Henry, I read your story about UROD, I really hope it's better in 2011???
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Hi ! I live in UK. They put me on Methadone few month ago, promising to tape to zero in 4-5 months. It looks that it doesnt work for me.  I am trapped  in. Currently I am on 75mg. Several times I tried to cut down dose by 5 mg a week. Each time the bottom line was 50-55mg.  where withdrawal symptoms became impossible to tolerate. I am thinking  about UROD. They promise to cleanse me up  under anesthesia in 7-8 days. It sounds lucrative. However there are some doubts. Besides its cost, there are many negative comments. I want to know your opinion in case if you passed it. If it is worth it? I am really fed up with so called maintenance programs. I wanna be clean.  
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I got to quit methadone with urod but I had to go to Spain to do the treatment. The best choice in my life by the way, I couldn´t keep up with the damned methadone… I met TAVAD (advanced addiction treatments) thanks to a special report of the bbc that they made to the center
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