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whats ultracet? i know its a pain reliever with tylenol, but does it give you the energy and motivation of vike or percs? I ask because I had to change doctors, and while he wasnt too happy to write for the vicodins i have been on for years, he had no problem with ultracet and he gave me a script.....so im basically asking, do people  get addicted to this drug? should i not even start it?
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The doctors (some,not all) have been fed a load of crap about tramadol being a great,non addictive pain reliever. They get this info from the drug reps who are only parroting the manufacturers lies.  I believe this!!  Many people get addicted to tramadol,love the feeling,and have horrible withdrawals. It,also,contains an antidepressant which means it's not a drug you can just stop!
Glad you checked in here...
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I can't speak for tramahater, but from a chemistry standpoint they should be substantially LESS addictive than most other opiates. She may have had a bad time with them, or has some information I'm not privy to, but again, since they only target the μ-opioid receptor and not the Mu(μ) 1 and 2 receptors (where euphoria, respiratory depression and ADDICTIVE NATURE stem from), at least in theory they should be less addictive.

Indeed, if you read the drug's history when it was introduced back in the 70's, it was marketed as a less addictive opiate. Note that "less addictive" doesn't at ALL mean "NOT addictive". It just means that it's addicting fewer portions of your brain than say Vicodin.
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Note that Tramadol has the antidepressant, from what I understand Ultracet does not. They're both just the same core drug.

Personally, I can't feel ANY effect from them in comparison to Vicodin or Norco, outside of nausea.


Think of it like this:

Vicodin hits portions 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of your brain. All 5 do different things (make you feel good, slow down your breathing, etc.). All 5 get "used to" getting the opiates, so they alter subtly to "expect" those opiates.

Ultracet allegedly hits only portion 1, so 2-5 don't get triggered, nor do they expect their cut. Portion 1 may still get hideously dependent, but the argument is 20% is better than 100%.

This is not to say you would have 20% of the WD symptoms, or only 20% of the difficulty quitting, just that less of your brain overall is affected by the meds.
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For whatever reason, doctor's prescribe them as if they are harmless.

Please happy, listen to the members who have actual EXPERIENCE with them and be very, very careful. I hate to see you switch your DOC and find yourself in a dangerous place.

Just curious, are you looking for energy through the pills or do you think you could possibly deal with the pain using Motrin? I am not certain what your pain is from or what level it is but that is something to consider.
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Yes,Jordan,but when one is an addict,one takes more than recommened thus getting more drug.  The chemistry is correct unless you put it up against an addict,then all theory is out the window.  There are many people on this forum who have been horribly addicted to this drug
Now,I don't know if "happypill" is an addict or requires pain relief. But,judging by her screen name it's a safe bet that she'd be better off without Ultracet...

Vicki  xo
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YES it is HIGLY ADDICTIVE its a synthetic opiate we have hundreds of people addicted to it .For many it cause euphoria .It works as a double whammy of a antidepressant ands a pain meds .Coming off of it is heLL.
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