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Ultram warning!

I had been on Adderall for like a year. My dr. them perscribed me Ultram ER on top of that. Different dr. I seized until the med left my system. NOT FUN!

I have a question and know I am the wrong forum but you guys are a family and try to help with anything.

I am on Cipro for yet another UTI! I have been on them for 6 days now of a 10 day course. Strangely enough, before the visit to the dr. last week, I had left side pain. It was so bad but went as fast as it come. Had a few of those. Now, here it is Sunday,I am again having urgency to pee but sometimes nothing and sometimes the dribble that burns like fire. I have also had the chills while this has been going on but a fever on;y to like 100. Iam now having those pains in my side again and they are going down into my abdomin and in to the groin area. I am wandering if all of these haven't been caused by stones. I eat brocolli every night and sometimes greens and spinich. I don't drink water. I do drink, but not water and not enough. I was hospitalized twice last month for dehydration and I have a strong genetic component. My dad and his dad has had them and gout as well. I have been told I have gout in my toe. Someone help me, please!
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You need to get to a doctor. Usually if it's stones that you are dealing with it will be an UNGODLY pain and you would be curled up in a ball calling 911 (I'm an EMT-not a doctor mind you)..You could be getting a kidney infection for a UTI that has moved up the pipe. Please go to the doctor's asap. You don't want to mess around with this one. Start drinking fluids. Even if it's only 1 sip ever minute. Whatever it takes to get yourself hydrated. The low grade fever has me worried and the pain. Get in to the doctor first thing this morning..if you can't get in then go to an ER to be safe.
Please write back and let me know how you are doing. This is important to get taken care of sweetie. Set up a profile so we can message you and check how you are doing.
DRINK fluids, rest tonight and go to the doctors first thing tomorrow. IF they won't listen, then go to a different doctor until you get some answers!!
Take care and talk to you soon,
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my daughter was prescribed Adderall for ADD...she had a seizure and wasnt on Ultram...i think its the adderall....
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go to the er ,sounds like a kidney stone, The adderall has been know to cause sezures as well.So mixing to meds together that can cause sezures not a good idea..... Did the doctor that perscired the adderal know you were taking ultram ?
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you never mentioned if you had a culture done of your urine. cipro may not be working for you. it sounds like you still have a uti that needs to be effectively treated. the back pain is flank pain from the infection. you do need to contact your physician and let them know the new onset of symptoms you are having so they can make adjustments in your medications. you certainly need to be drinking more fluid. water is preferable.
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Water is good, but you may want to add some Pedialyte.  It's OTC and normally for babies/toddlers, but works wonders when combating dehydration.
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Kidney stone! I have had enough of them to know, and your description brought back old memories of all the times I was hospitalized with them...

DRINK WATER!!!!! It's one of the best things you can do until you go to the Dr. DON'T PUT THIS OFF! Trust me!!!
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