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Unauthorized use of my RX

Almost 10 years ago in a different state someone used my cough suppressant with an RX only painkiller and the fact that the extra wasn't turned in for disposal apparently got me red flagged. If they sign a confession could they face prosecution and/or could I get the red flag removed?

I did not turn it over to the other person willingly or recklessly by any measure.
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Hi Micker Welcome to the forum. I read this last night 3 times I also read it this morning now that I'm more awake and it still makes no sense to me. I have never heard of being red flagged for someone elses actions I also never heard of having to turn in used medications by law, What state is this if you do not mind me asking. I do not know if they will go off a confession somehow I do not think so but if you really want to fight this I suggest a attorney as they will be the only ones to bring enough power and hassle to remove it. I wish you luck with this! lesa
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This doesnt make sense to me at all.  How are you red flagged over someone else taking your script and in another state?  Had you had issues with pain meds in the past?  Why would you have to turn the remaining in if you werent involved?
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