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Understanding of Medications and Oxycotin addiction

   I am a 6 year addict to Oxycottin. My story is long I have been there done that I tried rehab it was only a week long program and I got high the day I got out It was not a good program I don't have any type of income and this was the closest place to where I live that I could even find that would help someone with no income. I live in Citrus County in Florida I have tried many times to detox at home and I am never sucessfull. My addiction has come to the point where I am going to lose my boyfriend who I have lived with for the past 3 years I have no where to go if I lose him he basically takes care of me. I am despart to do anything so I don't lose him and his 2 sons I know that I need to confront my addiction before it is to late FYI I only take 40mg a day of Oxycottin but I use to take 80mg a day maybe twice a month I will take 80mgs in one day I can not function without at least 40mg a day I am trying to go down to 20mg a day I have not been able to fully commit to only taking 20mg also I do not have a prescription for Oxycotin after reading the following story I am needing some advice, opionions, recommendations, understanding, tips, information that I can use to help me overcome this issue I also just started smoking pot not everyday but usually alot I use to not smoke because it would make my anxiety go crazy but now as long as I take my 40mg of Oxycotin I can smoke the Oxycotin keeps my anxiety and panic disorder under control the benzos just stopped working after all these years
  Also, since I was 18 I have been on pscy meds for severe depression, panic attacks, social anxiety,ADD, bipolar, etc. I know all that probably sounds like I'm crazy but I'm not crazy my worst issues are depression and anxiety. My history with my prescription meds was I did and still do always take my medicine although thru out the years I have and still do always have over took my benzos (xanax, klonopin) I always have abused my xanax since I was 18 well almost 2 months now the doctor stopped the xanax I  was getting 120 pills a month he changed my benzo to 2mg klonapin 1 at night to go to bed. so I only get 30 pills a month so I am trying to adjust and break old habits He also just started me on adderral 40 mg a day and effexor so far I have been taking all my new meds as prescribed at first I noticed a positive difference which is hard for me to find now that inital positive feeling is not as strong anymore and it has not even been a full 2 months.....basically this explains my pscy issues and med history also I have never opened up and told my phscy doctor anything about my pill habits or addiction I am scared to speak up
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Hi and Welcome!   In my personal experience and from what I've read the oxy you are taking cancels out the benefits of the other meds you are taking.   While opiates give us that euphoric/can do anything/energetic feeling, they also contribute to our depression as well.   Like one Dr told me, "opiates are not a good anti-depressant, even if they seem like it".   They block out the pain receptors in our brain to the point where our brain quits making it's own feel good chemicals, so everytime you come down off the opiates, the depression is worse.  You have to get off this cycle before your brain can start to heal.  And trust me, the longer you stay on them, the harder it is to come off.  I could never taper down, if I had them, I took them.  Even if I only allowed myself a set amount.    Your best bet is to get honest with your Dr about your addiction and see if he can help you get off this crazy roller coaster so you can get your life back.    Honesty is the first step, and your reaching out on here means you want to quit.   That's a step in the right direction.  
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Hi & Welcome,

I am a bit confused so be patient with me. Are you trying to quit the pain medication?
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So you currently take oxy's, smoke pot, benzos, adderral and effexor?

Lots going on there w/that combo and if alcohol is in the mix, too, I'd be concerned even more.  Isn't there someone you can talk to about this?
You may be afaid to but will feel so much better if you do.

Can you go to your psyc dr and take a list of EVERY drug you take, legal or otherwise and ask for some help?  Each Rx has so many interactions and side effects.  I hope you'll talk to your doc and keep coming back here and let us know how you're doing.  Lots of love support and help here.
Although we are all VERY diff, we are ALL very the same too. You'll surely hear from someone that you can relate to.  We can only share from our own perspective and experience and what has worked for us.  Hope you'll keep posting and let us know how you are doing~
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hi halas,

while we are all different, i have met a lot of people in the last few weeks while looking for help here (in person,) and it seems that almost everyone I meet who has an opiate problem mixed with other drugs - they all got clean by just going cold turkey. they got so sick of it, so tired of worrying all the time about having enough, about what would happen if they ran out, all that crap, that they just woke up one day and said "That's it. I'm done."

There may be other ways, but from the people I have met, and talked to, CT is the fastest way to get past this - and it WILL suck for a few days, but drawing it out can suck in different ways. I hope you find peace, there are a lot of people here who have your back. Just hold on. You WILL get through it.
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so what is the recommened first step to take and admit to myself? Also does anyone know of any website that helps my boyfriend understand what is going on with me because I need him here for me to go through this but he is on the verge of kicking me out because he has gave enough chances to me and still no good outcome this has to be the time to fix everything
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This site is a great tool to help your boyfriend understand there is a place I believe that is called living with an addict where he can make an account like you did and go there and talk to other people in his shoes. Okay so my advice is this.

About 170 days ago I was in your shoes. I myself before I lost my health insurance was on a bunch of psych meds and I was taking loritab, tramadol, oxys whatever I could get my hands on. I will tell you now since I have gone through through the suboxone treatment through a specialist I am clean 75 days off subs and optiates/narcotics. The pills mess up your psych meds and if your mixing in benzos it makes it even worse so you really have to be careful. The truth is the first step is you admitting your an addict then you have to tell every doctor you see because if you do not stop the source you will never get clean and the honest truth is if you do not want to lose your source then you do not want to get clean. I deleted every contact I had who would sell to me I told every doctor before I lost my insurance not to prescribe them I had no choice I wanted my life back and all I was thinking about in the end is I don't want to lose my life LITERALLY to pills. If you can not do this then I personally promise you will not be successful. I am sorry if it comes off cold and mean but its the truth as long as you have options to get your fix you will never get clean. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. You have to do the work get advice on here that is a great first step but until you yourself realize what your doing is dangerous and you have to stop you wont get clean.
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Ok I got it about my pschy meds although I have been on them since I was 18 and they do help me I didn't start with my addiction to oxy's until I was 27 so when I do knock out the oxy's I believe that I will still have to take my pschy meds so I am a little confused on what to do today is my first day not taking oxy's I'm not going to take any other meds either and see what happens my plan is to start taking my pschy meds after a week or so Then hopefully I will feel the effects of them again and it will help me get my head start once again like they helped me to do initally
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DON'T stop taking all of your meds.  Just stop the oxy.  You need to consult your doctor before you discontinue any other meds.  Some of them may need to be tapered off of.

Just worry about the oxy today or you will really feel horrible.  I know Effexor for sure has to be tapered and if you are just going to go back on them, as prescribed by your doctor, there is NO NEED to stop them.

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The FIRST step would be the oxy's.  The SECOND step would be to do as suggested before......take a list of all meds to your doctor and discuss your goals with him/her.  Safety here.  You should NOT STOP meds CT like benzos and antidepressants.  The pot and the adderall may be another story.  The "all or nothing" thinking isn't good with that combo of drugs you are on.  Day one for oxy's is GOOD.  Start there......and don't dr yourself with the benzos and AD.  
Glad you have continued to post......it may get worse before it gets better, but it WILL get better...promise!  
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Checking in to admit that I used today I made one day wow I am so weak I would like to go to treatment but I need help finding a place to go that would help me with no money fully paid for I think this will be my only way please help me find a place tat helps people in my shoes please please I already admit I am an addict to a life long use of prescription pills I want to go to help where are the plces that help people like me where do I turn to...........I use oxycotin to function everyday the same amount everyday it takes care of my depression, anxiety, energy levels I am realizing that as crazy as it sounds i am glad I finally found something that helps me function normaly not to much not to less just normal I have been searching to be normal for over 10 years and now what am I sopose to do I cant live with constant anxiety as I always have been my hole life who wants to live like that the difrence in this story is what finally heps me is illegal and now I am an addict I just need to find somewhere how would accept me into a detox and residental ttreatment help needed her
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Treatment sounds like it would be a good place for you. Some of the rehab facilities have indigent programs or graduate programs. You will need to do the foot work to find one. You may also call your local health department in your city and ask about any programs. Keep looking until you find one and hang in there. Let us know how you are.
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