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Update 2 for the interested

Ok, so last night I was able to take my wife out to a movie. When I first suggested the date she seemed happy and it brought her out of her depression just a bit. I get home from work and I she had gotten dressed, I told her she looked lovely and off we went to drop the kids off at the sitter and try to have a good night.

The night went well. We enjoyed the movie, she really seemed to come out of it for a while and was more like her old self. She's still been suffering from the muscle twitches and soreness, and the seats in this particular theater didn't help, but we left the theater in high spirits. We even got some starbucks on the way home.

This morning we both woke up from a weird night (probably due to the coffee) and I tried talking to her about her medications and how the lack of Percocet in her system might be affecting the way her antidepressant works. I told her when I started talking that if the subject was making her uncomfortable that she could tell me and I would stop. I think it did but she didn't realize it until she was already too upset and she started getting defensive and stormed off.

I now know that withdrawals are awful, And that they shouldn't be taken lightly. I thank everyone on here that has given insight and uplifting words. I haven't shared any of these posts with her, but I hope to one day. I think she will be as appreciative as I am that there are people out there that have been through similar things and wanted to help.

I hope I can get through to her today because I had planned a good family day to continue the feelings of last night, before this mornings stumble. I might not post much today or for the next few days, but I will try to check in. Just have to take this one day at a time.
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You're an awesome husband!! Her detox is just the first part though,her emotions will be EVERYWHERE. when we take these meds,we have no emotions,none! I was oxycodone for 11 years,and I nothing fased me. In my 7 months clean,I've grieved over things from years ago. Deaths,missing so much of my kids lives because I wasn't really emotionally all there. Just keep being there for her,that's all you can do. She's so lucky to have you. I don't know how long she took them,but if it was any significant amount of time,then she won't be back to normal over night. It takes time. Our bodies need to start building up natural endorphins again.
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You are doing GREAT!!!. Keep posting and let us know how things go. I think you are right to not show her now, but it will probably mean so much later. Just remember, This is going to take awhile, so try not to read too much into any one thing. You may put too much pressure on yourself. Take this ONE DAY AT A TIME! The support you are giving her is priceless and something a lot of us do not have. You are special. Stay strong. Always love.
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