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Update 3 Things might be looking up

After yesterday's morning hurdle we were able to calm down and take our kids to a local splash pad. while the kids enjoyed the day my wife and I sat on a blanket and she tried to sunbathe a bit. This really seemed to help. after about an hour she was laughing and making jokes. She really seemed ok. we spent a good part of the day there. then we got lunch and headed home. We were even able to take our oldest to an activity at the local library (chess club) which he really seemed to enjoy. She and I even played a couple of games (I lost).

Throughout the day she still had periods where she was down, and we tried to be attentive to her pain as well. That evening she took the password off her phone and told me she wanted things to go back to the way they were, before the detox. I obviously agreed and told her that I wanted the same.

This morning she woke up feeling more down that the day before so we're just going to take it easy today and try to enjoy time with our kids at home.

I really feel like she may be coming out of it, but I know that there are more than likely still some bad days ahead. Thank you all for your support!
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Thanks for the update, that is so refreshing to hear!
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Keep hanging in. You are right. There are going to be good and bad days. Keep supporting her and she can and will pull out okay. Prayers for her and you. God bless.
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This isn't an overnight thing. She can not live by days,you need to live minute to minute. Her brain is rewiring it's self to live without the meds. For some it can take months and months. But everyday does get easier. I know when I went through detox I had to be doing something or I'd think of my pain meds constantly!! Wheather it was going to a a/a meeting or even just a walk with the kids. Keeping busy really helps. Have you talked to anyone? There are alanon meetings for people like you that are living with a loved one going through this. You don't have to do this alone,these sites are great. But face to face is even better! Again you're a great hubby!! xox
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Emotions will definitely be rocky for a while. I know for me, it lasted months. I was happy one minute, then the next I was p!ssed at the world. Maybe it's because for so long, our emotions are numbed up and honestly we don't feel anything. I agree with Krissy, you should definitely find an alanon meeting. What a great husband you are for supporting your wife through something so difficult. Good luck to y'all, take care!
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Hi...well I have been following your story over the last few days   first off congrats to her for wanting to get clean a a big Cudos for your supporting her  my wife was a huge part of my recovery  I agree with the other posters  most people dont understand what is going on wile trying to help  alaonon is a great progam and my wife has gone for years  I would also encourage her to try N/A  as much as you want to help  she needs a safe place to share what she is going threw with people that will understand and be able to help...just because you stop the pills does not = recovery  the addict in your head is alive and well long after the pills stop  this would be a great thing you could do together she wont feel all alone in this any more google N/a meeting in your area....Gnarly
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