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Update on progress

Well, I am doing great! I haven't been this happy in 5 years. I have phenomenal support, and i feel like my old self. I'm raising a kid and doing it the right way finally... And I'm actually going to see my godson daily (he's 10 months old and i had only seen him twice). I love life. Going to daily meetings (2, sometimes 3 daily)...going for 90 in 45 days. About to have my first job EVER, already had my first interview EVER. Suboxone has treated me very well... I'm using it correctly, and i haven't slept this well in years...I dont wake up in withdrawal anymore and i take meletonin to sleep and im out like a LIGHT. Getting use to my busy schedule, but it is awesome because it's a pleasant change. I have done a 180 in about 5 days. If anybody wants to know more, please ask... And please respond to this, medhelp family, support feels great. I count down the minutes until my meetings :D

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Please  be careful with sub. It is a tool to use while you get things in order. I am 3 weeks off of a 1.5 year run on sub. It is a great tool but please don't use it for too long. I'm glad that you are doing well!  
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I intend on using it as prescribed. And i appreciate your concern and input very, very much. I realize it is just another tool in recovery... But Sub, AA, NA, counseling, and my support group WILL get me sober. Sub has just granted me an early opportunity to remember what it is like to be alive. By the time i am off of it, i will be fully capable of handling my withdrawals and i am currently setting a foundation for myself so that I will be even more prepared. Thank you, very much though for your concern.

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Exactly.  It gave me that opportunity, too. I just regret holding on to it too long. I wouldn't be where I am now without it but it still has a price. This disease really ***** but you will get your life back.
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How bad are the withdrawals? And will you elaborate on your story, please?
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