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So far plan on 4-6 today( was 10-12 hydr/dy). So far so good except for achy muscles & fatique which is when I took another dose in taper, Waited as long as I could. Has anyone tried just taking1-2 when wd kicks in? Or am I just fooling myself? Laura
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You know i think maybe your body gets use to the low dose. Because i tappered for 1 month. I was taking  3 10mg hydro at a time , doing that 3 x a day when i started.
I went down to only twice a day, 2 pills at a time and the last week it was 1 pill at a time.
the last day. i took half a pill at a time. my withdrawl was like nothing when i quit.

The worst was probably the first week of weaning. And the bathroom issue came into play at 1 pill. But was gone by the time i quit. sooooooooo try it.
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I have only 20 left so it will be a quick taper. Today I really don't want the pills. I just hope I feel the same tomm. If not its ct for me.
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U r on the road and in the right direction....if u reach the point where u feel like the pills are hindering u and making u feel worse....flush those puppies and get it done..tapering is good for some and not so great for others...do what u gotta do girl...keep us posted
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I am also trying to taper off hydro.  With fresh injury, doctors will still refill my Rx, but not as many pills.  I was taking 8/day.  I went 3 days without this week (with CT attempt).  It didn't work.  I refilled my Rx.  Took 8 yesterday and 6 today.  Tomorrow I plan to just take 4.  I will stay on 4/day, which will last me for a week.  After that, I will be out of Rx.  My "GOAL" is to be done with it after this week.  When I don't take it, my back hurts like crazy.  But I also just crave it.  I'm not sure which is more powerful...the relief of physical pain or the relief of emotional pain.  
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Kept the dose @ 5 yest but went 14 hrs btwn doses. So that what wd like. Yuck! Woke up all hot & sweaty w/ chills. Was also very achy & tired. Still continuing the taper.Today plan is to treat only when wd sets in. If I can't do this then I go ct & I am using that to scare myself & so far its working! Still would like more but I guess that won't change for awhile if ever.
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