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Hey guys.  I wanted to post you an update.  Everyone has been so wonderful to reply and give me such positive feeback.  Thank you!  (For those that want to catch up, I posted on Monday "life is a living hell today").  I am on my way to a meeting.  My first.  I reached out to an alcoholic friend who is very active in her recovery and program and she is taking me with her and has already got me connections and resources.  

I spoke with both OB and reg doc.  Both said to taper and I will do my best, but I fear I will just want to use to achieve that last hoorah.  Several people asked and I am 7 months along.  I opened up to hubby and he says he will help, although I don't feel any "atta girls" coming my way.  Anyway, so much is running thru my head that I want to post, but have to get to this meeting.  I will check in later this afternoon.  

Thank you all again so much.  I don't feel so alone now and it helps to stay positive.  ((((HUGS)))
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I have also talked to a couple of dr.'s and was advised to taper.  I know that this is difficult for many and does not work for them.  However, working with a dr. helping you is a blessing.  Hopefully you are only geting your drugs from a dr. Having another souce that your dr. does not know about could be a set up for failure.  I have a great doc with whom I can be honest.  The biggest step is making up your mind that you want to be free from the drug. Best of luck!
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I'm glad you're going to a meeting.  We must be in the same time zone.  I guess that is my cue to get too a meeting too.  Maybe I'll see ya after!  

P.S   ATTA GIRL !!    Love and Peace sister.
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