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Using Fentanyl 125 to get off Methadone 130

Due to medical problems I have been on pain medication for at least 30 years, I am 60 at this time, 5 weeks ago had 2nd knee replacement, I have tried many times to get off Methadone, I usually run out before prescription is due and suffer severe w/d. Like everyone else I do not want to be tied to this drug, it is the worse, I have been on it about 5 years. I looked into Rapid Detox and was told it will not work for Methadone because it is stored in the fatty tissue of the body, I was told by the Doctor at the Clinic to use the Fentanyl 125 for two months, than the Rapid Detox can remove the Fentanyl. I have been off Methadone 130 for 18 days and with the Fentanyl I'm not having severe w/d, however I do have some, mostly extreme fatigue. I'm starting to freak out about the Rapid Detox, how pain will be managed, I have severe Osteoarthritis, and lots of other stuff. Would appreciate any information out there. I did read a lot on staying hydrated and nourished, any other advice?
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Hey Kat, don't know anything about Fentanyl but a lot of people on here will.  I am posting to bring this topic to the top so someone sees it.

Congrats on coming off Methadone. There's nothing worse, IMO, than Methadone detox.

Good luck to you!!
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I am currently on 58mg down from 110mg I detoxed about 7-9 mg a month thse past 6 months from 110mg. Methadone is a slowe process alone but with the fentanyl its got to be like not hard in the least. I would come down slow off the fentanyl as well. Get the dose down as low as you can before doing a rapid detox. Taking magnesium/zinc and a chewable multivitamin(body absorbs it better) will help as well as the pill neurotin which is a miracle drug used for many things will help. You have basically felt no withdawl because you are trading one opiate for another, but fentanyl is a lot easier to come off it, I wish I had that option. Since I don't I am coming off my dose slowly. Good Luck and Welcome
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Thanks for the encouragement, I have tried several times cold turkey, the longest I have made it is 8 days, by that time I am so weak I have to be helped to bathroom, eating and drinking s out due to severe diarrhea, I have always been a shallow breather, but I struggle to catch my breath by  the 8th day. I realize I can not due it on my own. I called Rapid Detox as well as local rehabs in the area, no one will take me until I am off Methadone, Dr yee  explained that the oh thank goodness i still dont know about telling my pops because he just got out of the hospital friday but will see how things work and yes uncle harold is like pops the energizer bunny they keep going lol hides in the body  and the half time is 7 days, calculated to 2 months before it is out of the system, there fore Rapid Detox will not work on Methadone unless you are treated more than once, his treatment consist of putting the patient on the Fentanyl 125 for two months to clean the body of the Methadone than the Rapid Detox will clean the brain of the Fentanyl. My concern  is how to live with severe chronic pain, I know I can not take pain pills?
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