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Using methadone short term to get through pain pill wd

Hey so I've been taking percocet for a while now tried to stop but ended up with withdrawals I'm wondering can I take methadone for a short period of time like a few days to kick the withdrawals and be ok?  I do not want to take methadone long term only a few days.  Pls someone let me know
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I did this to get off heroin.  It worked like a charm.
How many days did u use it to detox?
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No substituting will get you clean. You're still going to have to face withdrawal after the few days. If that worked, it would be recommended by everyone and there would be no detox. Besides, thats like killing a fly with a hammer. You are taking even harder stuff to ease your addiction. Insanity. Stop the pain pills, go through withdrawal and get into aftercare. That's all there is and it works.
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Taking methadone will ease your withdrawals.  Some people think you need to go cold turkey and suffer.  I hate to suffer.  I felt a little tired after I used the methadone but that is the only thing I felt coming off heroin.  I didn't have any withdrawal from the short term use of methadone.  
The problem with this is the addict that will not stop but just go's on to a New addiction. Not all of us have self control This is part of the problem. Methadone is much stronger then percs, Why not taper them if self control is not a issue? I do not begrudge anyone getting off drugs, It is best thou to have both sides bought forward.. lesa
How many days did u use it to detox?  I cant taper off of pain pills because I have made the decision of getting off of them so I have no way of getting them and I can't get through every day life with horrible wd so I was hoping I could use the methadone for a few days to beat most of the wd I know u can get addicted to the methadone and the wd are even worse which is why I wanted to do a few days detox
I have to say I agree with her there !! It's really right !! I wouldn't get on methadone of ALL things please!! An if you get on any drug other then the perc to taper it's replacing one drug for another ya know
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Again, you will still be in withdrawal after "a few days" of methadone. Are you willing to bite the bullet to get clean? That's the question you need to be asking yourself. I would talk to as many people that have a good chunk of clean time. You'll notice the answers are always the same. Good to you:)
Well I am biting the bullet.  Didn't have methadone today I didn't have it yesterday and won't have it Tom.  They told me I could come back Monday but hell there is no point in it.  I already feel awful got me a monster energy this morning to try to muster up some energy to do the housework and take care of the kids..  Tomorrow we are having a cookout and I know I'll be hating life but I guess I have to get over it.  I don't want to ruin my husbands fathers day and it's making me very emotional because I know I will feel awful.  I already do.  I really need words of encouragement that I can do it and I won't die because my biggest fear is something happebding to me that's why I have avoided this for so long not the sickness but something happening to me along with the sickness.  I hate myself.
You should feel very Proud of doing this for yourself. It is the very best gift You can give to your husband for Fathers day! The best gift you can give your Children and yourself. We loose ourselves in our addiction It stunts are emotions, we are never in the moment as we are always preoccupied with drugs how many, when to take the next does, how to get them how to hide them the worry when we feel we are killing ourselves. The secrets the lies.. You will not die from the wd You can do this!! many of us have.. You got this Cassiemae Do not do it with fear but with a Attitude you are taking your life back come Hell our High water! You are worth it Your Family is worth it!! You are just in the worst but soon you will feel a shift. You got this! lesa
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I agree . I wish I would have just said screw it and endured it from the get go.  My palms and feet are soaked and freezing I can't stop cleaning and although I haven't felt like doing anything I forced myself out of the house this morning with our four year old he was the only one awake with me and we went and got something to eat and to the store to get something and him a new matchbox car.  I've cleaned my entire house with the help of a monster energy now he is gone with his grandmother and I have my two yr old and five yr old.  My five yr old likes to jut play Xbox but my two yr old keeps me on my toes I love them all with all my heart and idk what I'd do if I ever lost them or if they ever lost me . When I think about this I really hate myself and when I feel like this I hate myself even more bc normally we r always up doing something together and now here I am stuck on this couch again feeling sorry for myself.  Made my kids some rice crispy treats turned on YouTube on our tv and said have it.  How much longer til I start to feel better after taking the methadone for two days?  Didn't have any yesterday or today though.  Only took it wed and Thurs.
And before that was on percacet for 7 months my last one was on Tuesday morning half of a 10 mg.  
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How are you doing today??
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