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VICourageous: 7 Months Today!

Vickie said she trusted me to do this but I don't know if I can do her justice. I know I don't have to explain about Vic as we all know and love her but out of my own sense of love and gratitude, I'll try:
Vickie, you have been here for me almost every second of every day with perhaps the most generous and irrepressible spirit I have ever encountered. You've been through the wars - big time - and came out of them - miraculously - wiser & stronger. You are a lifeline and an inspiration to all who are blessed with your comments and care. I only hope that all of us can give back a fraction of the measures you mete.....MH...Where angels lurk..Thank the Universe for our Vic!
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Congrats Vic!!!
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Awesome Vickie!!! I'm so proud of you...and envious. Lol! What an accomplishment :) You go girl....CONGRATULATIONS...7 months. Wow!
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You made until it started warming up, that's hot. Vickie, you are an inspiration and wonderful supporter. You really are making a difference in your life and all those who know you. You are an example of hope and determination for freedom, what more could you ask of a person? Can't believe another month went by, I'm still counting days, so I lose track. Isn't it amazing how time slowly moves faster and faster after detox. Where's the brakes!?! Oh well, no stopping you now. Contrats.
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Hi..I thank you I will be back..Do not know how the Check Mark got there..I just got here..But we will give it to the New One one here..Hey your first check mark..Coming off the Patch you deserve it... lol
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Vicki....girl words can describe how much you've helped me and others....a TRUE inspiration with your attitude and grace...you are a strong woman and it shows here....just keep doing what you are doing girl....others like me will follow in your footsteps....

love ya!

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OH and CONGRATS on 7 months!!!!!!!  lol  
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Hey Vickie, congrats on your 7 months! That is so awesome. I know you have been through hard times with this but you have come through it, I am very proud of you! You really are an inspiration to others here, I always see you helping people out and you are so generous with your comments. I am glad to know you, I left you a PM!
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Awesome   job Vick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     You help so much and so many here and when I see you in pictures it always looks like you are getting ready to be presented an award. :)           I think I remember my first answer to your post and I think it went something like "I really don't know what you should do or how you should feel because you were on uppers downers and all arounders ." I honestly did not know ..   Well....... now you are a shining example to anyone who comes on here with a single drug habit and says its too hard to get off of it.  You got off of a load of different and intimidating powerful meds and are now happy and fulfilled.What an example and a great   inspiration to others     Great job friendo
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Vickie!!!!!  You've helped so many folks on here with your experience strengths and hopes. 7 months is awesome, congratulations!!!!!
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There is no way I could possibly express how grateful I am personally and on behalf of all of the people here for all of the help and support you have selflessly offered; even during times that you were struggling yourself.  You are such an inspiration to others and a positive example of how addiction CAN be overcome - and not just to one med; but three!!!  

Congratulations on 7 months clean - you have fought so hard for this and deserve ALL good things to come your way.  Thank you SO much for all of the unwavering support, the education - and especially the laughter.....every single day :))

Love you my friend-
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Hi Vic , Congrat's Very happy & proud of you , But remember i will allways be 4 days ahead of you ... Ron
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Hey  congrats on 7 mo  your doing great  you have become a big giver of time on the forum   THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart  its members like you that pay it forward and give back what they once where giving that makes this place work   hey  I sent you a message back  write me back when you have time  and go out and cellabrate  you have erned it as for me I get 1lb of shrimp every 30 days  it works for me I love shrimp any way  keep doing what your doing it is working for you  isent grat to be clean......................................Gnarly................................
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Shrimp is a toothsome dish for sure, Gnarly! Couldn't agree more!
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I want to think each and EVERYONE OF YOU..For being there for me on my new road to RECOVERY..It has been a very tough one like ricart said..NO!!.. 3 drugs were not good to detox from..Any drug is not good to try to detox out!!! I had the Courage and the Strength to do this Physically BUT the Mental part was Something I have never Experienced.. I find myself now doing some Soul Searching with in myself..I can take my 56 years on this Earth and Remember my Past in what seems like 5 min or so..I do know the Past has Past and the Future is in Gods hands..Today is the Present..like a Big Gift wrapped with a Red Ribbon around it..I want to think Weaver, Clean-n-Ks and NeedHelp144 and even Ponco for being there for me in the beginning..and to My Girls that are there for me everyday when I check my e-mail..EnvolverU & FourJays..I want to think ActingBrandNew, Ricart,Trucker,Jenelle2020,Cinderelly70,Sweeetness, Toothfairue,JimimiddleFing,Yeslife4me,Selfinduced,Bubous,Jimmi1822,Openmind24hour,SmilingBright,Nursy7,ImDoneNoMore,Norco1947,Overwhlmed10,Nickjackson,Starshine, and If I missed anyone you know you are good to go..Special Thanks too Nursygirl & dominosarh for backing my play and telling me how this Site works..Each and Everyone of you would be there for Any One who needs You.I have never ever knew there was so many Caring and Sharing Souls out here in this Big World..I want to give a Great Big Hug & Thanks to a Girl out here that I have never PMd before..I was having a very Depressed and Emotional Day..I was really scared..Yes Me!!..I did not understand what I was feeling..I came on here and all My Net Friends where not around..I saw that this girl was floating around..I gave her a PM and asked for some help..Do you know she stayed with me for a long time until we both heard about the Bombing..Special. Special Thanks to "vicki595" for being right by my side each and every step on that day..NOW!!  If this does not say how this site works and how you people are out here to help... then I just do not know what else to say!!!!
God Bless Us All......lol
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And a Special Thanks to YOU TO Gnarley..You have been another Fence Post around here!!!!! lol to All..
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A BIG congrats to you Vick!  I'm so proud of you!!!  You are an awesome lady and an inspiration!!  

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Congrats to you on your big 7 months clean that is awesome!!! Your such a big help to everyone on this site and you have been to me many, many times too.  Thanks for all you do :)
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congrats vic I appricate all you have done for me, thank you John
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PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW......210 big HARD-EARNED DAYS!!!!!!!    7 MONTHS....YIPEE KIYAYY!!   As we say, it works if you work it....and it won't if you don't LOL.......And YOU girl......have BEEN WORKIN IT!!!!!

You and me....well, we hit it off BIG right from the start.  We both quit 3 drugs CT, we both were almost 2 months clean when we found this awesome web site/forum, and we both live out on acreage filled with His Glory!!

I met you as "vvicidaho".....and now just like this caterpillar that becomes this BEAUTIFUL butterfly......you are VICourageous!!!!  It has been so much fun and a delight to my heart to watch this transformation in you.  I giggle now when I remember back to a post you made about "well, I'm gonna stop posting now".....hahaha!  Man o man.....did I respond to THAT one!! LOL
Here's a little trip (a" clean" one.. lol) down memory lane for you and a few things you've said along the way in your 1,208 POSTS!!!!!  Go girl...yesiree!

"I've been in a FOG for 16 years"....."I now have a new world and a new life"....."I feel so in touch with my mind and soul"......."You DO get goofier and happier".

And I just love you for being goofier and happier, Vic.  It's contagious you know?  Your profile page says after "Interest":  ANYTHING..want to learn it all.
With an attitude like THAT......you will always SHINE BRIGHT.....even if you have a few days here and there where you might need to change out the light bulb.  

I will forever be indebted to you for "turning me on to" Dr. Kevin McCauley's video "Pleasure Unwoven" and the HBO.com/Addiction links.  Thank you beyond words for that information, Moose Lips!!

I shall leave you with this:

"A friend is a gift so rare,
A treasure beyond compare."

Big blessings to you on this 7 mo bday and always~
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Hey Baby Gurl!!  :))

Congrats on your BIG 7 MONTHS!!!!!  I'm sure it wasn't an easy road for ya, gal.  In fact, I know it wasn't!   I just wish I was here 7 months ago to know your silly butt to be here for you when you needed an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on or a hand to hold.  I haven't known you long but you have brought light into my life with your humor....when I needed it the most....you've put many a smile on this face!  :))  I love you for that.  You are unique....a strong woman!  I admire you so much.  Don't ever change!!  

Congrats again! !  :))
Lots of love,

Ps...Happy Easter "Moose-Lips!"  Hahaha!!!!!
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Hip Hip Hooray! Conrats Vic!
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Congrats on 7 months!!!!  You wear recovery well.  Just remember what i told you the other day, make sure you take care of you first as you are the No1 priority.  Hold that clean time sacred, your life depends on it~

Proud of you!!!!
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Thanks Vicki for the help and listening you've given me and congrats on your time, as well :)
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Love these post.....
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