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I was on Suboxone for over a year and had to switch to Methadone due it my doctor appointments and groups were interfering with work and school.  I have been on Methadone since the beginning of January and I have noticed a lot of big changes.  I sweat extremely too much, it doesn't have to be hot, just getting out of the shower I sweat.  Also, I have gained  A LOT of weight and crave chocolate really late at night.  I will wake up out of a dead sleep just to eat some chocolate ice cream.  Also, there is another huge problem, but don't really want to say exactly what it is.  I seen a flyer for Vitadone posted up where I dose at and I need to know how do I get it?  How long does it take to work?  I see that it is helping a lot of people with a lot of the same side effects I am having and would like to try this out.
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hi and welcome to the forum.....vitadone is available on line and it is a suplament to help ez the side effects of methadone  after being on it for 7yrs at 150mg  I had a lot of the same symptoms as you  after a few years my sex drive went down the drain and a few years after that I couldent do it even if I wanted to.....my advise is get into a good aftercare progam and work on the root cause of your addiction  try to get off it as soon as you can the longer you stay on it the worst the side effects  we have a lot of members who have overcome this drug  I always recamend the N/A progam the meetings are only a hour long and that and working the 12 steps will free you of the obsession to use... something I thought was impossible  just know there is life after methadone ...the support you will get here is very helpful....I coundent have done it without this forum  time to take your life back from this horrible drug....Gnarly
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