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Valentines Day Hydrocodone Withdrawls

Today is Valentines Day.  I can kind of feel the sugar and romantic rush, but I would like no part of it.  I am 48 hours in to Lortab withdrawl, with a refill in (let me do the math) either on the 28th, or March 1st.  My boyfriend though that it might be nice for us to go eat together, but due to the crowds, I told him perhaps another day.  I have been Googling withdrawl for several months now and have followed the Thomas Recipe.  My dosage being 4-7 10's per day.  On the days when I would take seven, It would feel as if I were already staving off withdrawl, when in truth, I had just built up a tolerance.  I love and hate who I am on pain meds.  I hate lying or sometimes stealing.  I love waking up with a new batch and knowing that the day will be good.  I had trouble finding some of the things recommeded on the Thomas recipe, so I substituted 5 hour energy for the L-Tyrosine because the shot contains the ingredient.  I also believe that Immodium is necessary.  I take a double dose, any time I feel I may need it.  I also take xanax at will, usually more than a 1mg.  My question is this?  How difficult is it to get off and stay off?

Anyone with experience would be helpful.  
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You asked how difficult is it to get off and stay off? Well it depends on how badly you want to be free from the drugs.

I relapsed so many times I can't count them, and hated myself more each time I relapsed.........it's not easy, no one on here will tell you it is, but oh it's so worth it to be clean of drugs.

I am 106 days clean from hydrocodone and feeling really good for the first time in a long time.

I recall one's telling me on here when I was having it rough through WD's just hang in there it does get better, and truly I now know they were right.

Life is so much better without the fog I was in, and just keep yourself and your mind busy........I truly believe that's the key.

Also do you have any after care lined up as in AA/NA or some kind of support system.............if not you need to check into that.

Prayers going up for you.
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Withdrawals can be difficult. Alot of it depends on your level of comittment and the support system you have. I'm sure you've experienced the physical symptoms so that's nothing knew to you. It mostly takes alot of patience. Family members need exibit patience also, because we can get on their every nerve!

I have tried and failed many times, but what made the last one successful was I finally saw how it was affecting me and others around me. I was so blind for so long, and it took some life-altering events for me to wake up. Physical withdrawals will pale in comparison to mental cravings and there's where your support system comes into play. Be honest with others how you are feeling and if your having urges and allow them to help you achieve your goals. NA is free and there are meetings every night if you choose to go.

It's just a couple weeks of your life to become free of the chains of addiction. The end result is complete freedom and a happiness you thought wouldn't exist.
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