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Very anxious...

Day 6! Its been a really hard one. I'm about 20 minutes from home. And the closer I get the more anxious I feel. I'm scared but its time to go home I can't run away forever.
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Hi sorry you are so anxious. It will get better if you just keep going . 6 days is awesome. You could turn the corner any day now or it may take a little longer. Just please keep going . Try to watch a movie or something to take your mind off of it. Go for a brisk  walk . It really does help .  Just keep it up my friend .We are not lying when we say you are just beginning to heal. ;)
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Hey Kim! Yayyy Day 6! Congrats! im on day 4 and finally starting to see the light... WD are less and less. We are both the same age and almost exactly the same day clean. Letme ask you... why do you feel anxious to go home? Let me try and help...Stay positive and remember we are ready to have our mind, body and lives back! Blessings! xo Christa
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Yes...congrats on day 6!
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This is a downward dip on that roller coaster ride I talked about. For the next few weeks the drama will be high, anxiety will sneak up on you, and right when you think you can't endure, the coaster shoots you to the top and you feel wonderful. During my detox this time period produced some great stories - mostly funny ones. So buckle up - you'll be just fine.
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I Like the haircut story myself Kyle :)

Kim you are doing great just keep your eye on the prize you can do this take each day on as it comes and just try and keep busy going for a walk helps relax you any type of exercise is great! 6 days thats  great you will see each day it gets easier to deal with.
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conhall - Hey...Looking good while going through hell was very important to me.
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How are you feeling today? I hope that the anxiety has passed a little. It can sure be crippling at times. Just hang in there and ride it out.If you feed into it, it just becomes a big vicious cycle. There were times during my detox that I just had to get up, move, and wear myself out. Music, movies, books, can all work to. Pretty much anything to keep you distracted for a while. Take a few deep breaths and keep pushing forward. You are doing great! Day 7!! Things should start to turn around for you soon. We are here if you need us!
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