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Vicki595 is celebrating 6 months today!!!!!

What a wonderful way to kick off the weekend!

Vicki, you have been such a great help to me and you are someone I lean on. I am so very proud of you lady for what you have accomplished and how you give yourself so freely here to help others. I am proud to call you friend.

You were a welcome addition to this community and I know the members appreciate you. I hope you stick around for a long time (if you don't, I will hunt you down and shoot you).

Enjoy your day and do something nice for yourself (jewelry is good)!

Big Hugs........................

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1000000 % agree with IBKleen :)

A BIG  BIG HUG AND CONGRATS TO YOU, VICKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I will wear my pearls too, btw hahaha

Hope you enjoy this day with something special , nena, felicidades !!
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I agree with everything you said IBKleen!!!

Vicki has also been instrumental in helping me too.  We came here to mh at roughly the same time I believe and I have watched her grow into one of the "unofficial" officials.  She is a wealth of knowledge on addiction and isn't afraid to kick someone's butt when they need it. (mine included as it turns out) ha ha  They were always gentle kicks though!!!!

We are all proud of you Vicki and I too hope you stick around in case I need it kicked again!!!

You are so deserving of everyones praise today.  I hope you spend your day with a smile and I thank you for being the cause of mine today.

Your friend,

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6 mo. is one heck of a good time to note!!!

Here's to 6 more!
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Thanks you guys!  It's a special day. I haven't been clean this long in decades!!  There is no going back for this girlfriend!

Don't worry about having to hunt me down to shoot me!  A bullet proof vest does not look good with my pearls!

I'd like to mention that this month marks my 20 year anniversary from the last cancer diagnosis.  So, I'm really "clean" and very,very thankful.

Bob, if I ever have to kick your butt again it will be while my hands are also around your throat!  That would mean a "road trip" so be prepared!!

Much love to everyone~
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Congrats to you!! You have been one of the most inspirational ppl for me to get clean. Your first post to me back in January was "Dont get the RX refilled or I will come to NJ and kick you butt" I have to admit I was kinda scared...lol
Its amazing how the struggles in our lives can end up being used for good in the sense that we can use it to help others. You have done that. You are kind and yet firm with no BS. I love that about you!
Keep up the good work! I am really proud of you. xxoo
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Kudos Vicki...you are an inspiration to so many people...myself included.  WAY TO GO VICKI!!!
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I just totally broke down and started crying!  I would say that there's something wrong with me for that, but it is such a happy cry.  (there is the obvious stuff wrong with me, but I won't go there! I don't want IBK to threaten to shoot me??)

There are people who have touched my life.....Not all of them in a positive way, but I have to say that you have been such a positive, amazing influence for me, and I am grateful and thankful everyday for you.  When I first got here, scared half to death and miserable, I was drawn to your intelligence and caring but no nonsense style.  I loved it then and still love it now!  You have a way of threatening me with my life in a loving way??!!!!!!  

You have taught me a lot here, and I see you help so many everyday.  You make me smile and laugh at my computer some days, to a point that other people are looking at me funny!  

You're SO STRONG, Vicki, and I'm so glad you're my friend!!!!!  I love you to death today and every day!!!

Lea Ann

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Hey Lee Annie~   This little "psycho" girl loves you,as well. I've told you many times: I think our brains are attached!!  You just "get me"!

So,this begs the question: "Will you marry me?"     LMAO !!!

( I can see you spitting out your apple juice right about now ! )

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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Well let me run and get my cubic zirconia ring on before i finish this.........

Okay, ring on..

Congrats my friend on 6 months of clean time and another Congrats on 20 yrs of being cancer free!!  How truely grateful you must feel right now.  Thank you for all that you do here, it is appreciated and noticed.  May you continue on your path of recovery and wellness~~~~~~~hugs to you          sara

Thanks for the laughs we share.  We really are going to he!!~~~~LMAO
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Vicki, you were one of the 1st to show up and support me on my first go round back in June. I appreciate that immensely. Congrats on 6 months and best of luck in the future.


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CONGRATS you are doing such a good job ,,, Keep it up!!!!!
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CONGRAULATIONS to u.  6 months is a long time  and i know it takes alot of hard work. keep it up...big higs to ya,  a pat on the back, and a big high five to ya.
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HI Vicki....6 mo you go girl....im so happy for you .....sobriety looks good on you...you truly an integrated part of our community and an asset to have on board ....your heart is big and your advise is sound ....thank you for being part of my recovery you have been there for me threw some dark times...this forum wouldn't be the same without dedicated members like yourself THANK YOU for all you do on this forum....now go out and do something special for yourself you have 2 victory's here its time to celebrate...may God bless you abundantly your friend Mark        
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Congratulations Vicki, 6 months is great, way to go:o)) Keep doing what your doing. Hope you have a fun day!!!
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Thank you everyone!   A big,warm hug to you ALL!

I'm off to have some fun ( Like THAT'S unusual! )...Yes...I have much to be thankful for and the good thing is I know it! I can feel it!  

Sara,Avisg,Gnarly~  YOU have helped ME in countless ways.  You're very special...

Yes,Sara...we do have some laughs!!  While in he!!, we'll be in good company!!  But,for now,right here is just fine!!

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:):):)..Real Happy for you Vicki!

1435456 tn?1314674659
Vicki,   You were one of my first responders, and I too am grateful to you. Huge Congrats on 6 months and I hope you enjoy your celebration. Thank you so much for all the support you have given me, I really appreciate it. Thank You again and Congrats. Have a great weekend and God Bless.   Andrew
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It's a good thing you have friends Vicki because I am not exactly "Best Seller Material" I mean well but have a hard time on paper. Apparently others can express themselves in the written word.

I will say this though...I have begun wearing "depends" since I met you. I could always hold it until I was subject to your "flavorful" sense of humor. Stay true to yourself. Love ya girl!
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I am not going to sing to you again!!! That was private lol!

You have added so much to this site. MH is a better place because you are here!

Congards on all your clean time.

Love Ya,

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Congratulations Vicki,6 months WOW you are an inspiration to many.

Keep it going girl you rock

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Whoo Hoo 6 months Vicki !! I'm so happy for you and Thank you for your contribution to the forum :) warmly lesa
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Reading this thread brought tears to my eyes. Vicky congrats on 6 months!! What an accomplishment!! I'm just starting my journey and wonder how long it took for you to feel normal again? Do you go to NA or a counsellor? Just curious. Congrats and thanks for inspiring me :)
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Back-2-life ~  How long until I felt normal? Honestly, I had to find a "new normal". I was addicted to those pills for 30 years(since I was a teenager) and really had no idea what to expect!    I had to taper (I was hooked on barbiturates only) and stopped in Nov. 2009.  I relapsed in April 2010 and then got really serious because relapse was awful!!

It took about two months to feel REALLY good. As though nothing had ever happened.
I see a therapist, I have a life coach who is like a sponsor, I have my doctor,my beautiful family,my volunteer work.  I swim as much as I can.  I needed it ALL.  This just will not work without support!  Good luck and I'll help you as much as I can;just ask!

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