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Vicki595 is celebrating 6 months today!!!!!

What a wonderful way to kick off the weekend!

Vicki, you have been such a great help to me and you are someone I lean on. I am so very proud of you lady for what you have accomplished and how you give yourself so freely here to help others. I am proud to call you friend.

You were a welcome addition to this community and I know the members appreciate you. I hope you stick around for a long time (if you don't, I will hunt you down and shoot you).

Enjoy your day and do something nice for yourself (jewelry is good)!

Big Hugs........................

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CONGRAULATIONS to u.  6 months is a long time  and i know it takes alot of hard work. keep it up...big higs to ya,  a pat on the back, and a big high five to ya.
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HI Vicki....6 mo you go girl....im so happy for you .....sobriety looks good on you...you truly an integrated part of our community and an asset to have on board ....your heart is big and your advise is sound ....thank you for being part of my recovery you have been there for me threw some dark times...this forum wouldn't be the same without dedicated members like yourself THANK YOU for all you do on this forum....now go out and do something special for yourself you have 2 victory's here its time to celebrate...may God bless you abundantly your friend Mark        
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Congratulations Vicki, 6 months is great, way to go:o)) Keep doing what your doing. Hope you have a fun day!!!
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Thank you everyone!   A big,warm hug to you ALL!

I'm off to have some fun ( Like THAT'S unusual! )...Yes...I have much to be thankful for and the good thing is I know it! I can feel it!  

Sara,Avisg,Gnarly~  YOU have helped ME in countless ways.  You're very special...

Yes,Sara...we do have some laughs!!  While in he!!, we'll be in good company!!  But,for now,right here is just fine!!

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:):):)..Real Happy for you Vicki!

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Vicki,   You were one of my first responders, and I too am grateful to you. Huge Congrats on 6 months and I hope you enjoy your celebration. Thank you so much for all the support you have given me, I really appreciate it. Thank You again and Congrats. Have a great weekend and God Bless.   Andrew
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