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Vicodin, Dramamine,

My mother in law was taking 2 vicodin es along with 4 dramamine every 4 hours all day long.  The doctor has now diagnosed her with "chronic pain" and is giving her pain patches.  Will she still withdraw from the vicodin if she quits taking it?
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well all i can say is that my dr. has me on the duragesic patch(fentanyl) and if she is on the patch the she shouldnt go through any withdawl,  but then again im not a dr. but i didnt have any withdrawl systoms,  but i also take the patch and sometmes vics and other pills on top of it so.. good luck and feel free to post again... gamzz
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she should not go into withdrawl... hope the pain patch works well for her! she is aware of the addiction part of taking narcotics isn't she? just wondering...

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The pain patch is a good choice for ADdicts in chronic pain..Can't abuse it as easily.  But...it is not advised to take other pills with it.  That patch btw is very potent.  Be careful.  Combining it with others meds can be fatal.  Just saw that on TV last night.
Peace to your life...
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i read somewhere on this board that someone used to abuse the pain patch by chewing it??? i have used the fentanyl patch before and poked holes in it but never thought to chew it! lol!!! the things that we come up with! we are truly creative people, aren't we???

amber rae
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WEll if someone wants to eat glue...and plastic or what ever the outside is made of.... then go for it...(NOT!).  btw plastic is very carcenagenic...in fact some believe that is why the cancer rate is so high.  EVERYTHING NOW IS PLASTIC.  I do not use plastic cups, utencils or plates with my daughter.  
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i agree with you about plastic, i hate it, it does not break down, neither does styrofoam... i am pro-earth! earth good, plastic bad!! lol!!!

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Fentynl is extremely potent and quite a switch from vicodin. She shouldn't have ANY type of withdrawals. Albeit she will be quite high for the first few patches IMO.
It is also hard to taper down and get off of if that is something that may be necessary in the future. Just something to keep in mind.
I am in negotiations with my doc of changing my pain management plan, and the Duragesic patches were one of the options given. I think I am going to decline and stick with what I have been doing seeing as how potent fentynl is an I really don't want to have to taper down from something like that.

Just my 2 cents. Hope everything works out for your MIL.

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Hi chezz how goes all the battles? I haven't heard from you in awhile.

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Hey Dreaming,

It has been up and down for me with the pain. I has literally begged for surgery, to no avail.
I just had a little problem with my meds and had to make a call to make it till Monday. Not of my doing for once. The wife was a little pissed, enough said.

Anyway, I have been doing great with taking my meds properly. The pain has tought me a lot. Of course I am still learning.
When I go in Monday I think I am going to make another drastic decrease in my meds which I have been doing over the last month. I am sick of the meds, as much as the pain. Ijust want to get through this though.
I guess you could say I am at a point of confusion, once again.
It will all work out, as long as I make it happen.
I hope things are going well for you.
My hiatis from the forum was well needed.
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You think chewing it is bad...A guy I used to buy oxys from said he had a patch that you can make a little cut in it, squeeze until a bubble of liquid forms, suck the bubble up in a needle and then shoot it!  It's sad but anyone can fall deep enough into addiction and do things they would never imagine themselves...
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Some of you have already read my post from this morning where I stated that my AA sponsor wanted to have a talk w/ me before our mtg.Well, I'll be GODDAMNED if she didn't accuse me of DRINKING...........Let me start at the beginning: I go over to her car, and I see she's got a book in her grubby little hands called" Sober but  STUCK". (**** me gently---I AIN'T going' THERE!!!! ) So I  said," Hey!! GOOD book!!" (never saw it before in my life.....)  She asked, looking disappointed," Oh--You ALREADY read it??!!"  I said, "Oh, yeah--a LONG time ago--a friend of mine gave it to me.  It really hit home."  (HAHAHAAH  AM I good or WHAT???) SO I said, "So, is somebody sick, or what?  What couldn't  you talk to me about over the phone?"  She got out of the car and said, in one sentence:"  You know you can't drink don't you have you been out drinking again?" My mouth fell open ( I'm sure of it) and I said" Jesus Christ!!  Why do you think THAT ?? NO, I have NOT been drinking AT ALL". Then she back-tracked and said, "Well I didn't THINK you had, but I wasn't SURE". I said," NOOOO. You assumed I HAD and that's why you accused me!!"  I reminded her that I have random drug testing for three years, and had I dropped dirty, everyone in three counties would have been notified..."  She said. again, about 5 times:  " I didn't think you drank but I wondered if you had...."  ****.  She was trying to laugh it off, and I kept swinging the conversation back around.  She said she thought that because I hadn't been saying," Hi, I'm Diane and I'm an alcoholic" that I had "gone back out...... There was NO way I was going to explain my entire recovery philosophy, standing there in the parking lot, nor could I "give myself away", because I NEED her to sign my forms that get sent in to the Health Professional's watchdog so I don't get turned in to the Board of Pharmacy.  So I have to keep the charade GOING, ya see........ So I made up some song and dance about this old guy who comes to meetings who HATES druggies, and I was trying to **** him off...Which is TRUE, and my sponsor hates him, too, and thinks his narrowmindedness is inappropriate, so she could appreciate my impertinence....HAHAH  we had a good laugh over that. But she said that I have done it more than once, when this jerk-off wasn't there, so.....I wanted to blurt out," I see NO value in flogging myself w/ nasty labels  twenty times during every ******* meeting!!!" But again, dear reader, I COULDN'T rat myself out......  We ended up going to the meeting, I talked a little to appease her, and when I left, I made a mental note to find another sponsor---one who has a brain in her head.  I was so PISSED that she just JUMPED to such a DRASTIC (not to mention ILLOGICAL) conclusion based on such STUPID evidence..........DAMN!!! Thanks for the vote of confidence... But, in wanting me to read that book, (plus my recent drunken episodes) all point to the fact that she DOESN'T think my program is "what it should be" (ie: Exactly like HERS) and so she was going to get me on the right path.  Yo wench!! Don't let the door hit your ass on your way out.........It's been REAL>>>>>>>>  Sorry to be so cranky, but I am AGHAST and INSULTED  because it just wasn't warranted.....Or at the very LEAST, she could have been far less accusatory.    Am I wrong here?  Peazy
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hi peazy,
im sorry to here about you problem with your sponser.
i think you know i have been in 12 program s since i was 16,
now im 43, in the begining years there was onlty 7 na meetins in the phila area, so we had to go to both.
since i was 24 i only go to na, because i found myself lying to fit  in in aa. i have run into a lot of judgemental people in the programs,  we need people to support us , not insult us and hurt our feelings.
being trusted by our sponser is a big thing, along with the trust of others in the program , including our home group.
12 step program are not a place we go to unless we have found ourselves  at the end of the road of addiction.
i must say tho, when people really get better there , they become very good people, kind and caring people.
that comes from working the steps, and learning to live a life based on the awakaning of the spirit.
we need to find a trusting sponser, who does not have  themselves
on a pedastool. one thing i have learned from some sponsers over the years was , what not to do to other people when i sponsed them.
look for the good in people, , and when it comes to sponsers
find one who is smart, knows the steps, and is good hearted.

one of the other reasons i stopped going to aa was , because
i was a drud addict and some people in aa don't have any time for addicts, they look down on addicts,
aa is more socialy acceptable. by the genarel public, you can get you job back , when you attend, but addicts going to na ,
this is not as accepted and your job is most of the time lost.

i know many addicts in aa, they never drank in there life,
they say , they find it more mature.
my experence is to go the extra mile if you are going to get
involved with a 12 step program. and make a commitment to one
fellowship or the other. going to both can be problematic.

my father has been sober in aa for 38 years, i myself am committed to na.

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I wish I could put some encouraging words together for you, but at the moment I'm trying to get over my addiction.  My dealer just called and ask if I needed anything because he's got some really cheap.  I have about $600 in my wallet right now because I'm about to go to FL, going through some wicked WD, and any amount of OC would feel sooooo good right now... I said no.  I want to call him back so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  F---!
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hey steve, hippy here
change your phone number, or do someting like stay with somebody
untill you get a few weeks under your belt.
i had to turn my cell phone off when i got clean.
i also had to hang around with some freinds who were clean.
i could never say no.
keep posting and talk to someone who is close to you,
when you find yourself in such situations, one thing is for
sure , once you get through a few situations like this
,it gets easier.
being clean is a wonderfull way to live , it is worth all the pain to  there.
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I hear you about the cell phone thing for some strange reason i have not been able to find mine in almost 2 weeks.  Coincidentally being the last day I took pills.

having a really tough day today coming here and reading helps some times.  I havent been able to figure out what the heck I am going to do about the pain and taking care of my family.

I know that even though i get things done on pills that they were slowly killing me.  My kidneys feel almost normal again.

I was reading what hippe said about the na meetings I dont think i am ready yet but i dont want to loose the time i have in again I have 12 full days in and tomorrow is lucky 13,.

God Bless

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All I can say on that issue "IS WHAT A ******* PAIN IN THE ASS THAT CAN BE SOMETIMES!!!"

Although we know how strong you are in your convictions, so I am sure you will work it out.

It is funny though, the bullshit you have to go through sometimes to keep you from drinking/drugs, will drive you in that direction just from the bullshit you have to deal with. Especially from the zealots, that it is their way or the wrong way.

Keep it up, you know what way is up...

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cograts, that is great , you are at the point
where you may want to start to exersize as much as possible.
keep posting. helping other is a great way to help ourselves.
get involved in your town, donate some time to help at a home for the eldery . donate some time at a hospital for sickly kids.
or meals on wheels ,
gettting involved in something positive is very helpfll.

the worst thing we can do is , to just sit around. in
our spare time.
one of the great things about the 12 step programs is
that there are always people looking for help to get clean.

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regarding the issue of pain,
as chezz said , it is the mosy difficult thing we have to deal with when we stop the pills.
chezz and others who deal with extreem pain
may have more answers for you if you share
what your pain is , im sure those who suffer with it ,
can offer there experence.
the one thing is to keep  your hope alive in that area,
there are ways to deal with it, i know from my own experence with
severe pain, just making a little headway  in that area
was a big deal, and gave me hope.
there are professionals to seek when dealing with severe
pain , tho they seem to always be hard to find,  and finding one who really cares seems to be hopelss somedays,
but try not to fall into that hole od dispair.
keep your hope alive.
i know for myself , my love for my children always has been
a source of strength and hope.

keep posting    hippy, i will keep you in my prayers .
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I can tell you my experience with the durigesic patch. Several years ago I was on it for chronic pain. I had been on it for several months. I ran out and my Dr. went on vacation without telling me-so it was cold turkey.No one else would prescribe it. I live in a small town and my Doc is the main one . Anyway,about the second day I started feeling tough and by that night it was worse. Then it went to a level I never want to be at again. WITHDRAWL with a capital W!!!Every symptom there is-I had it.I ended up in the hospital for three days. Intravenous hydration,didn't eat for days, no sleep for days,restless leggs, ice cold, metal mouth, nightmares, depression,shallow breathing,ect,ect.I don't know if everyone does this- but I did.After I got home , it still took me two weeks to recover. I'D SAY , BE CARFUL.   BOOMER
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I can tell you my experience with the durigesic patch. Several years ago I was on it for chronic pain. I had been on it for several months. I ran out and my Dr. went on vacation without telling me-so it was cold turkey.No one else would prescribe it. I live in a small town and my Doc is the main one . Anyway,about the second day I started feeling tough and by that night it was worse. Then it went to a level I never want to be at again. WITHDRAWL with a capital W!!!Every symptom there is-I had it.I ended up in the hospital for three days. Intravenous hydration,didn't eat for days, no sleep for days,restless leggs, ice cold, metal mouth, nightmares, depression,shallow breathing,ect,ect.I don't know if everyone does this- but I did.After I got home , it still took me two weeks to recover. I'D SAY , BE CARFUL.   BOOMER
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Whoaaa Nelly ... sounds like your sponsor is on shakey ground herself. hmmm ... I seem to recall something about "taking another person's inventory" (smile)... people are just people and they all make mistakes. I hope you are ok after that experience. Not everybody gets it ...
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I'm sorry about that experience with your sponsor--One of the good things that I did get out of AA was more tolerance and acceptance. (Although it didn't keep me clean & sober)  It did give me a sense of serenity knowing that I could not change other people--I could only change me and my reactions--I don't know your sponsor but maybe she's a little afraid of the responsibility of "signing your forms" which causes her anxiety when your not fully doing the 12 step march. For some reason some people in AA feel extremely threatened by the thought of any other type of recovery therapy! The sad part is that is exactly the type of experience that would give us addicts an excuse to go out and use. Maybe all she needs is a little reassurance--Show her this board--show her your posts to me--show her that by helping other people you are staying clean and sober-- And isn't that what AA is supposed to be about? It may very well convince her that your program is working just fine---(Thank you very much!) Take care Dear heart--you are in my thoughts and prayers--always--Mystere/AKA N.O. Lady

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Good Morning and thanks to Hippy, Steve,Chezz, Golden, Anne, Rodewc, Amber,and anyone else I forgot to mention---Things are a little less intense today (what a difference a day makes....LOL) and I thank you all for your insights.  Hippy, perhaps NA WOULD be better for me...but it is a new, very small group that is just getting off the ground, and I'm not sure how credible it is yet. Perhaps I could be a real asset there?  Maybe it's something to check out.  I'd have to see if their mtgs mesh w/ my wacky schedule.  Steve---DAMN, MAN!! Throw your cell phone AND your money away!!!  LOL I wish I would have seen your post last night, so I could have written you some little motivational ditty.......it's times like that  when you need the fellowship of this board the VERY MOST>>>>>I hope to God you renounced the narc sirens and  kept focused on your detox and recovery. WHATEVER you decided, please keep posting and don't give up!!Chezz--you did take a board hiatus and it sounds like you're doing some med evaluation, too, like so many other pain pts here.  Good luck-I still don't know how ANYONE w/ chronic pain can be responsible in their treatment, and I salute your integrity.  Golden, My sponsor seems to "talk the talk", but I know for a fact she doesn't have a large amt of sobriety amassed......I didn't want to bluntly ask her, (too intrusive?? I'm not sure why..)but it seems to me that she had 5-6 yrs or so and then relapsed, and has maybe 3 or so now.  WHATEVER--that isn't  as crucial as her and I being on the same wave-length, really.  While I don't think she is necessarily on shaky ground, I think her tunnel vision is the hazard that is impairing our bonding.  Anne, I think what you said touched on that idea:  Her inability to respect any other type of recovery is bound to get in the way, and would naturally make her leery......(that was a really good point!) But I don't think she has even ENTERTAINED the idea that I have a different approach--she just thinks I'm "floundering" because if I ain't fully in AA, then I am NOWHERE......See what I mean?  I still think I need to get another sponsor, and I'd love to get another home group so it isn't a big ol' awkward event everytime I go to a mtg., or else I'm unlikely to go w/ any regularity.  This group fits into my schedule so well, and is MUCH closer than any other will be...****, anyway.  By the way--I re-read my post from yesterday and the language was appalling.......I am sorry to all of you.  I can express my feelings w/ out sounding like a truck driver.(Which means no offense; I am a Teamster myself..!!!)  Anyway--I am bound to run into this along the way( to WHERE???LOL) countless times so I might as well get used to it. The fact that I feel strong in my recovery is ALL that matters----do you hear me?  ALL!!!!! LOL  So I am no worse off today than I was yesterday.  In fact, perhaps I'm even MORE determined.  So thanks for doing me the favor, *****!! OOPS---Nasty Lady-------Thanks again you guys. I love y'all......Peazy
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What is the best way to taper off Duragesic Patch. My doctor had me on 50 UG Hr. for 8 month's. I took it exactly like I was supposed to every 65-75 hrs. with no other medication, and I never abused it. This last visit, I decided to try and go down to 25 UG Hr., and that's what he prescribed against his advice. I felt a little off for the first couple of patch's, but now at the end of the month, I'm fine. The pain is a bit worse, however my "get up and go" is alot better. I have another appointment on Monday, and I would like to try and come off of the patch all together. Unfortuantely there is no lower patch than 25 UG Hr., and I'm uncertain how to taper lower. If I was to switch onto 20 or 40 mg's of Oxy, will I go through withdrawel? I was hoping to taper down the Oxy to 10mg, and than onto Hydro. as needed. Any advice??? It seems on this forumn "Duragesic" is the worst for withdrawel's. Thanks for any experience someone may offer.
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