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Vicodin Withdrawal - Day 6

Today I feel almost no physical symptoms with the exception of occasional bowel issues (definitely less frequent than several days ago!) and being tired but restless... I feel as if getting up and doing anything will take a world class effort but sitting here doing nothing is driving me bats**t.

So - earlier I called up a friend and said, "Make me go walking with you. Meet me somewhere and let's go." I met him and we walked 2 miles. My legs are shaking because they are so tired but that restless feeling is mostly gone.

I feel lobotomized. I feel like I don't know how to smile or have enthusiasm in my voice. I feel like a helium balloon that is drooped over - almost deflated but not quite. I feel flat. Colorless.

I came home from this walk and took my vitamins... I'm hoping they give me a little boost so I can get a few things done around here today.

I recall from the other times I have detoxed (mostly involuntary), that around Day 7 or so, I have this burst of manic energy... Maybe I am just insane but does anyone else hit this one day where you are like, "WOW! I am alive after all.."

I keep on holding out for that day or something similar...

Lawdy this is hard... :|  
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When u exercise like walking...ur endorphins pour out..and they are much in need right now...i would feel "noral" while i exercised and for a couple of hours later.....those endorphins are gold right now
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I've been following your journey and want to thank you for all the sharing you have done-thanks for all the good info you give out.
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A mult-vitamin and c and b complex are fine for you. You even need them. The Amino's are terriffic.... read the Protocol - some will help your head, some for sleep, and others for the whole body. And a very good part of the Amino's is that you cannot overdose on them. Your body will use all of the Anino that it needs, and any excess is eliminated through urine.   L-tyrosine is good for energy.- Melatonin for sleep - SaMe or 5-HTP are good fror mood and to fight depression.  Read the entire Protocol for good onformation.
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I hit the "WOW! I am alive after all" day today.

I'm on day 7 and feel 10 times better than I did yesterday, I truly can't believe how much better I feel.  I started the Amino Acid Protocol yesterday at the suggestion of a couple folks.  I'm not sure if it's the Amino Acids or I just turned another corner but I feel so much better.  I’m able to think more clearly and I don’t feel like I’m in a fog.

You’re doing great
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I worry about overdosing on Vitamins...

For example, I have One-A-Day vitamins... They are supposed to be taken Once A Day... I assume... Since that is what they are called and all... But I have considered taking another one in the late afternoon... Just didn't want to die.

Then I think:

That's odd... I would pop enough Vicodin at once to cause a 'normal' person's jaw to drop... Why am I terrified of taking an extra vitamin?

I have read the Amino Acid Protocol but frankly, the mess my mind is in right now - I wouldn't trust me to interpret it correctly...

Any suggestions on how many vitamins are too many would be greatly appreciated.

I am taking, in addition to the One-A-Day, Vitamin C tablets that taste like a mouthful of Tang and these B-Complex ones...  
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Thanks for that... I needed to LOL. Of course, the LOL turned into some crying but hey... We're all crazy here!

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Lawdy it is very hard. But it also sounds like you are getting the game down properly. Dont forget vitamins and supp's after you are clean. Some amino's are good for energy while others are very good for a foggy head!!
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Girl you are doing great...The walk will help you, even though you don't feel like it...lol
But you know the deal, u have been through this before.....Like you Day 8 was the day, I had that boost, and felt REALLY good...Probably the first day i had done any laundry too...Pretty soon kids were going to run around naked!!!
Everything was a mess, I remember cleaning that day....Oh And i also cooked..They were going to be running naked and skinny!!!

Keep goiing, and prayers are with you!!
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