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Vicodin Withdrawal Question

Hello, my wife finally started detoxing today after being addicted for a year and I am at a loss at what to do for her.  She doesn't want to involve the hospital at this time, so are there any OTC remedies or herbal supplements that may ease her transition?  TIA
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The only thing I can think of that helped with my withdrawls are a HOT bath and some nyquil. I was still restless and didn't sleep well, but it helped a little with everything else. I finally fell asleep after a few hours of tossing and turning. The hot bath will help with the muscle aches, and she could take some pepto or immodium for the stomach part of it. It's a nasty nasty thing to go through, but it can be done. Be patient with her, she will most likely be irritable, and depressed as well.
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