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Vicodin and alcohol

Hey everyone. I am new here so any and all advice is welcomed.

Basically, I was a junkie. I loved taking vicodin along with any other drug I could get my junkie hands on. Vicodin and lortab were my vices.  I started my addiction in 2007 and it lasted 3 years until early 2010. All things considered I never really went overboard with them.  I think the most I ever took on a given day never exceeded 7.  It wasn't until around December of 2008 when I did the stupidest thig anyone could ever do.... I combined alcohol and acetaminophen. And I did it alot. My worst period was about on and off for a year sometimes 4 days in a row. But it was never more than  4 days in a row and it was never more than 4 beers. I know I was a maniac.  Usually at my peak it was 4 hydros and four beers but I made sure I at least urinated some alcohol out before I popped my first one. In retrospect that meant nothing.

In February of last year, which turned out to be the last time I've taken a pill I had a very troubling experience.   The night After I did two beers and two tabs my abdomen was on fire. That lasted for a week. I couldn't go see a doctors because I didn't have coverage and I was very ashamed.

Now over the past year with very mild alcohol use I have noticed some symptoms and I am very very very very worried.
1- I have pain around my liver areA. Mostly around my sternum area but sometimes in the liver region.  The pain is somewhat illeviTed by bowel movements and usually occurs after I eat. It's sharp and i can expect it every day. This has been occuring for a yeR.

2- I have red palms.  I heard  this was a sign.  The funny thing about this symptom is that it comes and goes.  And it's not just patches ... My entire hand is red.  I can say that this occurrx after a bad ecstasy trip too but since it's a liver damage sign I'll say it was due to my stupidity.

3- dark concentrated urine.  This occurs almost primarily in the am after I wake up. Which could be attributed to dehydratiin. At it's worst it wS brown but mostly it's dark yellow.  When I drink more flushes especially water this dissipates. I think the fact that it goes away and
Osy occurs in the am after I wake could mean it's not liver damage.

These are the only symptoms I have had. I do feel tired when I wake up but as soon as the sun goes down I feel more energized than ever.

As far as everything else... Im hungry have a great appetite. Little to no ascities. I have no mental confusion. My stools are normal colored.

The optimist in me says that I have ibs.  I have more symptoms of this than any liver damage  such as  constipation and diareha  bowel noises/ stomach noises  ect  which could have been an issue brought on by my ecstasy pill which i believe really ****** me upbut I am worried  about both.  

I am making a doc appoinment today and I am just looking to see if anyone thinks I'm up ***** creek without a paddle.  I'm reLly nervous Nd embarrassed about it because I'm afraid I've really done myself in.  I feel  assured I have cirrohsis and I'm ******.  Based on the info is there anyone that thinks I have a chance?
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I am going to delete this off my watch list, so if you still would like to talk, please message me.
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Well, the only way you are going to know if you have liver damage or disease is from the doctor. Even the most experienced doctor on here won't be able to tell you for sure what you have. You can tell symptoms all day long, but it will take physical tests to know for sure. (No offense to any doctors reading this)

Here is the thing, I have empathy for you, but what I am trying to understand is why you keep doing it. I am not judging you, and I think it's good that you are worried. You should want to live. This might sound harsh, but it's honesty. Let's just say you have IBS, if you continue to do the drugs and booze, something bad will happen. I am not telling you I know when, or how bad, but if you are concerned enough to post this then you need to be concerned enough to get sober. I am not saying it's easy, I am not saying that it won't take extreme willpower and dicipline.

Regardless of what you find out from the doctor, please, stop with the drugs, please. There is hope if you want it bad enough. I wish you the best. Feel free to message me if you need someone to talk to.
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hi you need to have thenm  do a liver panel on you to find out just where you stand
I abused pills for yrs will drinking and was lucky to suffer no ill effects the human body is very resilient but on the other side of the coin it can also be fragile you only get one liver and kidney failure is another one to check for have them check for proteins in your urine
the doctors will get to the bottom of this good luck and God bless.....Gnarly    
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Hello and welcome....IBKLeen is right....Too hard to tell and we are not doctors BUT this should be a wake up call for you.  I used to do the same thing and freak out about potential signs of a damaged liver.  I too drank while taking Vicodin and between the Tylenol and the booze it is a quick and sharp slide down hill in regards to health....Good luck with the doctor and you should start really thinking about taking the pills out of your diet....Good luck and God bless!
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No one could possibly diagnose you here based on symptoms. Glad to hear you made a doctor's appointment, that will put your fears to rest. Best of luck.
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