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Vicodin relapse after one week

I have been taking vicodin for about 4 years.  At first I took it recreationaly maybe 5 times a month. Over time I began using it every weekend, all weekend long (but never during the week).  After a while I got into a car accident and was prescribed to Vicodin ES.  I began taking them more and more.  Soon I was diagnosed with post-herpetic neuralgia (after having shingles) and have had a scrip of Vicodin ES for about 2.5 years that is up to 90 count.  I got to the point I was taking them everyday and running out of my script in a week or two.  I realized I was unable to stop or skip days like I have been able to before.  I freaked and decided it was time to make a move.  I told my doctor I wanted to quit and he said to taper off VERY slowly. I came to the conclusion that I am not capable of tapering... so I bought a few 8 mg saboxones.  I have been taking them in quarters once a day.  IT WORKS.  I took them for 5 days and didn't feel any wd symptoms that I am so scared of.  But I have been off Subs for about 2 days and just relapsed.  I did not take as many Vicodin as I usually would, just 5 500s as opposed to my 5 750s.  I doubt I will feel anything from the vics b.c of the Subs long half life and being an antagonist.  But I am just aggravated with myself.  I don't want to be put on Subs from my doctor b.c I don't want that on my medical history and I dont want to become dependent on subs.  I realize I need to keep trying and find what works for me.  But I would love some sort of feedback, advice, anything.

Thanks for listening!
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HI if yiur gioning to slip back chance are you dident seek out aftercare and just switched one drug for the other ,,,,,this rarely works you need to be working a program will on the sub ......sub just puts your addiction on hold if used right you work a program like N/A or A/A inbetween to build up your foundation so you can stand on your own to feet one the peogram is over this is why self medicated  sub rarely works there is no follow up you simply switch drugs.....my advise is get with a doctor work the program get stronger threw aftercare then try to break free when your ready to stand on your own 2 feet not eat 5 vicaden as soon as you come off its tuff luve but its what will set you free we have seen this enough times to know it dont work get professional help good luck and God bless......Gnarly
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I completely agree with Gnarly aftercare is the key to success of staying sober. Detoxing is rough but it is over in 3-7 days then the tough part starts. The mental part and that is where you need the aftercare to learn the tools you need to stay sober. Sofind a program you are comfortable with and stick to it. God Bless---Rick
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