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Vicodin suck/rock/suck/rock

Not sure how this works....took my last two vicodin yesterday afternoon.  My morning ritual before work is take 3 es vicodin, a soma and have my coffee....I throw 3 or 4 in my pocket to last my 8 hour shift, come home take 2 more....do what needs to be done..go to bed .... do it again...I ran out 2 weeks early for my prescription.... I'm thinking how the hell did I do that.  Went to work this morning, threw up, feeling like I have the flu..came home after 3 hours went to bed at noon slept til 6:30, still feeling like I'm sick...My friend called said she'd be home in a bit and all she could get is 3 vicodin.....am I going to turn her down....Hell no....do you think I'm crazy???  I'm going to try making those 3 last six days by just getting enough in my system....We'll see how it works...Pray that I don't gobble all 3 as soon as they hit my hot little hand.  I don't want to get my script filled in two weeks..by then, I'll be doing ok wihout them....HELP>>>ADVISE!
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Your best bet is to tell your friend to keep them. They will just prolong things. Having just 3 on hand isn't enough to do a taper. If you ran out two weeks early I don't see 3 lasting you 6 days. Not trying to be mean just trying to be real. I've tried the same thing a million times in the past. I could never resist the urge! Your body is use to having much more in your system so your levels will be so low you will probably continue to feel pretty rough. The good news is the worst of it last about 4 days or so. So if you don't take another one you may start feeling a bit better come Monday. If you take those 3 it will just drag out the process.
There are some things that can help. Check into the amino acid protocol which can be found in the health pages.
Be sure to stick around this forum. The support makes a world of difference!

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I just can't believe I let this happen to myself....I was doing the pharmacy jumping for a little while and they called me on it....I was so embarrassed.  So I don't dare do that again...I'm fighting the urge to go to the ER...my place of employment to tell them some crazy story...but I'm embarrassed to even come up with another crazy story...This whole thing has got crazy and I just want it to end.  The hard part is going to be when my prescription is ready to be picked up in two weeks.
I know you aren't trying to be mean... I appreciate real...
I tried explaining my situation to my friend and she says oh, that's not it...your'e just stressed out.  Bulls&^&, I know what it is.  This ***** sooooo bad.  I'm not sure I can do this.
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oops,,,, didn't know we couldn't say s*cks!!
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I was in disbelief for quite some time myself. My use started like most others and that due to a legitimate injury. After I got back from Iraq and started getting my back injury treated I took as prescribed for about a year. Once I started taking more for the way they made me feel instead of the pain my use spiraled out of control. I too would jump around pharmacies, go to different ER's, I had a VA doctor and private practice doctor. The VA's health information isn't in the public system so no worries about my private doctor finding out! But that still wasn't enough. I had to milk a dentist for a root canal for a few months. That is when my private doctor found out I was getting them from the dentist so he dropped me. My VA doctor still didn't know but I couldn't get nowhere near the amount my body was used too. I finally called the pharmacy and told them cancel my refills. I then set up an appointment with my VA doctor and told him no more. These are probably steps you are gonna have to take if you wan to be done for good. Your refill is already calling your name and it's not due for two more weeks. Just think how tempted you will be once that refill day gets here? I know when I was using when my refill came along the excitement reminded me a lot of how Christmas got me excited when I was a kid.
Do yourself a favor, call the pharmacy and cancel it. Each month you will just keep running our earlier and earlier as your body needs more and more to get the same high. Do you want to go through this every month? Once we cross that line into addiction there is no such thing as taking as prescribed. I tried that many time and failed every time. So has just about every other addict out there.
Stop now before the pills start causing problems in your life. Everyone usually has to hit their rock bottom before they quit but it is possible to quit before hand if the proper steps are taken.

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I agree with Brian. If you haven't already, don't take those three. There is no way you will stretch those three for 6 days without still feeling like crap. Your just gonna prolong the inevitable.  You CAN quit...You'll never say its easy but it CAN be done. Good luck to you. Keep posting
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Good luck to u

tapering is hard for an addict
often we must totally rid our lives of pills//and any refills etc
I hope you do well
Picking a day to be "done" can be important
Aftercare rox!
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Welcome to a reality check.Many of us have been where you are today. You are not alone with this crazy addiction.This crap realy takes the wind out of our sails.By you coming here to med help indicates to me that you have a desire to be clean and sober.There is alot of good wisdom and support.The good news that I hear is that you were not using as much meds as some of us .Life may seem alittle out of control right now ,but you can choose a life and jouney of clean and sober living.Stay strong and know matter what dont pick up
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"my refill came along the excitement reminded me a lot of how Christmas got me excited when I was a kid. "   so true.....  
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A lot of us had to ride the opiate rollercoaster before we realized what you are coming to grips with at this moment...and many more of us(including me) continued to ride it hoping that it would all work itself out.  The only way off the rollercoaster is through the tunnel of WDs (and it truly does s*ck) but offers the only sure fire method for freedom.  Your words indicate that you know you have an active addiction and the sooner your actions fall in line, the better.  Just speaking from experience, because it was about 8 pills a day when I truly realize that this ride was no good, but I had no idea just how difficult walking through the tunnel would be.  As much as it hurts to get clean, I am glad that I am no longer riding on the rollercoaster hoping for something that is never coming....put your feet on the ground and start walking through the tunnel.

This site is a valuable tool which will open up a wealth of knowledge and experience to get you where you need to go....I wish you the best with your recovery.
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Sally--You have been given some great advise here so there's not much more that I can add. I know where you are right now I was there 133 days ago. I had to make a choice of keep taking oxys or take the plunge and get clean. It is a very tough decision and take a lot of courage to make but I did and so can you. If you can't do it today pick a day when you will, since you don't have anymore pills today should be that day. We are all here to support you so come on and lean on us. We will try to guide you through the mess of addiction. You will feel so much better when you make the decision to get your life back. I hope you make the decision to get clean and I will pray that God guides and gives you the strenght to make it through.---Rick  
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