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Vicodin trouble

I am 40 year old writer and word processor.  I have used opiates for about two decades, but I stopped using any "street" ones after having a child 3 years ago.  The problem is that my dependency on vicodin is very severe.  I actually have back pain so I can obtain the es vicodin from my doctor occasionally.  But I can also purchase them black market easily, which I have been doing constantly for the last year and a half.  I started taking Vicodins to stop doing Percocets and Dilaudid.  I have used Percocet on and off since 1983.  When I had dental trouble early this year, I had access to about 200 Lorcet and Vicodin in one month.  Legitimately.  Otherwise I can purchase anything on the black market very easily.  

The problem is that my dependency builds and I become very difficult and horrible to be around when I try to space the doses.  When I take the drug at first I function fine and am able to   I usually build up to about 7 vicodin es a day and then have to stop cold turkey (2 in the daytime, about 4-5 at night).  The stop/start happens a lot, even with so-called occasional recreational "weekend use".  It is shattering me the cold turkey.  There are periods where I use narcotics about a 4-6 weeks (vicodin and lately oxycontin) then I have to stop and it is so shattering.  

Many years ago I tried NA and it doesn't work for me.  I also do not want to be put on shrink meds by a psychiatrist. What am I doing to myself medically?  Because of life circumstances I don't see myself being able to stop soon.  What is happening and what can I do?
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Marty- You are absolutely right. 4000mg is way too much for someone with kidney or liver function problems. NSAIDs burn a hole in my stomach. Have you tried vioxx? 50mg once a day took the EDGE of the pain off for me and made (maybe it was in my head) the V much less fun.  Wish I could invent something that worked. sorry.

Lynn- The minimum amount of tylenol in perc is 325mg. I can be much higher than that depending on the brand etc.  AT 325mg and 20 percs per day thats 6500mg of tylenol. Re-read what I wrote above. not good. what makes the difference in your day that causes you to take 20 as opposed to 2?

Joanne- I'm a sissy too. My average (when I have them) is 2-6 vics per day. I think one reason I am able to finally put up with the dope sick is I have no more.  My suggestions above are only what has worked for ME in the past. Everyone is different. I also have the threaght of losing my licence if I am caught obtaining drugs illegally. I worked too hard to let that happen.    

Keep trying everyone!  wish me luck too.
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Are you on antidepressants?  What kind of pain do you have?
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i got a hold of some 10 mlgrm methadone.  if i use these, say, 3 one day, 2 next day, 1 for a day or two, then 1/2 then off, will it work?
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You know, codeine doesn't work the best for me either...but compared to having NOTHING they work great. If you ever feel the need to get rid of them - let me know. I'd be more than happy to be pain free for a couple of days.

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hi everyone, it really helps to read all your post.knowing i,m not alone in this ***** of a addiction on pain meds..i have been on a rollercoaster ride for 10 long long year now.i,ve quit many times which was not to hard to do...yes right that is what i said..the hard part of it is <STAyING OFF THEM> and the depression that sets in..i go to lenths in getting them that i drive to canda now just to get the 8mgs boy talk about desperation, 600 miles each way...i think its time to get my act together and stop this once and for all. glad i found this site it really helps reading what other people are doing...well i,m planning to go cold turkey starting friday...thank you all for listening and good luck to us ALL your friend and fellow addict joe>>>>
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oh it didn,tcome out on my last post its staying off the stuff thats the hardest part...joe
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