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Hi All,

I have found great help in reading all your posts and want to say thanks. I have always like taking vicodin as a recreational drug (like when out drinking on a weekend and a friend hands me one); however, I had a bad accident 1 1/2 ago and have been on them ever since. I take 1 a day during the week...But on weekends, I find myself taking 2 or 3 a day. I know deep down inside I do not need them anymore for the pain. If I do not take one, I start sneezing constantly and can't stop. My nose runs and I feel achey. Flulike.... I am assuming this is only the start of the withdrawal process.

Has anyone else on here "only" taken one a day and tried to stop. If so, how did it go for you. I work full time and am trying to find a good time to really stop all together. I was also thinking of going to 1/2 a pill a day for a month or so...Then 1/2 every other day...Hoping this would help.

They are not "fun" anymore and I take them to feel normal and motivated. If I do not take them, I don't feel like doing anything.

I am scared.

Can you guys please help? Or, at least try...lol

Peace and Love,

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hey there- i'm with you. took 16 last week and been trying each of last few days to make it past "day 1" -keep calling in and getting 5 or 10 more... fiendish brain.  I'm with you too.. in fact all of you in the same place
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yeppers...GO FOR IT...it *****, but does not last too long.  Follow the advice of the folks on here and post and read and write as many times as you like...

Jeeze, I wish my habit was one a day...I too was up to like 15 norcos a day...but ran out of money and patience on the home front.  This is no way to live...we are here for you...I am on day 3-4ish and feeling ok...very much looking forward to the end of the week...but I am SOOOO much closer than I was last Monday when I took 16!!!!
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I wouldn't try tapering down to 1 pill or 1/2 pill etc, that hardly ever works.  I believe the best way to go at it is ct, its gonna be rough, its gonna be tough, but if you can bunker down and ride out the first four or five days you will see things to get better, gradually and so on.  All here for you, keep postin.
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scaredmom is telling it straight. Thomas can be found here http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/Addiction/Thomas-Recipe-Re-Posted/show/16?cid=66
70% Dark chocolate helps the cravings
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you should be able to stop with little to no withdraws. check out the thomas recipe and amino acid protocol, get gatorade, benadryl, immodium, and bananas. take lots of hot baths, exercise when you can. you will have flu like symptoms for about a wk, days 3 and 4 are the worst and then every day is better. know we are here to help and support you. post and keep posting. good luck
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I REALLY REALLY want to stop....I will check out that recipe....Thanks hun....
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Hey sweet pea.. If you haven't already checked out the THOMAS RECEIPE do so..
It will help you thru the withdrawl process...

If you really want to stop using.. we're all out here for you..
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Yeah...I am trying to stop...You would think by only taking one a day (more on the weekends) that it would be easy...But it's not....NOT at all.....=( I thought the same about the clonazapam I am taking...I take one at night..I tried to stop...and the worst wd stuff going on...So, still on those too

I hope you are doing better =) I wish the best for you too

This just ***** no matter how you look at it....
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STOP....  You have already stated that they just aren't 'FUN' anymore...
bOY do I know that feeling!

You are soooo far ahead of the game if you're only taking 1 a day....
(I was taking up to 10 Norco a day.. for 2 back surgeries, etc) and I found out (the hard way) that the MORE I took, the more PAIN I was in... And.. the LESS FUN  I was HAVING!

So.. STOP now!  
You may feel like poop for a few days but you will be able to LIVE YOUR LIFE without the pills which is what I WISH for YOU!
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