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Has anyone taken this drug and have you had any success getting off of it? I've been taking it for 4 years now, 2 a day after a bad fall,  and I'm scared I'm ruining my health. I want to stop taking it but don't know where to look for help. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
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Yes indeed msdelight you are right.

2 a day for 4 yrs is not bad. You must have just got dependent on them and not Addicted. Most of us could not just take that 2 in one day, maybe 2 every 2 hours. Ha!!

Like NeverAgain said..It depends on many factors here on how long or intense your w/ds will be. I feel they will not be bad at all.
Right now drinks TONS of water to help flush out the Toxins. Make sure you eat very healthy things and try eating foods with antioxidants in them.

You might feel some anxious/anxiety, restless sleep or no sleep for a few, muscle aches, and hot & cold flashes, with a bit of a leg kick..Etc..However, YOU might not have it that hard at all. Try to build your immune system up right now to the best. They have great vit/min that will help with this too. vit/min to relax the nervous system and muscles, and vit/min to get you going if you get to weak for a bit.

You could go through the mental part after the physical. I do not even think it will be that bad. It is just that these type of meds whack out our Nero-Chems in the Brain when we have used them for so long and at a higher dose.

I have a strong feeling you will just whiz right through it with hardly any side affects.

Keep us updated and we are here to hold you hand. We all have are own experiences, if or when you need us.
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Doctors know all about vicoprofen, they prefer Vicodin because they think tylenol is safe.Recent studies have shown that it is not. Both pills are exactly alike in their opiate components, no difference in the detox. Good luck and keep going.
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I took hydroprophen for years, and it killed my stomach.   Surprisingly, there are a fair amount of doctors who don't even know this combo med (hydro plus ibuprofen) is available.

The withdrawals will be based on your age, how long you've taken in, your general health, and the amount of your daily intake.  

The first 5 days will be the hardest.  Stock up on Gatorade, immodium, bland foods, and be prepared not to feel good.   It's a LOT like a very bad stomach flu.    Hot baths (with Epsom salts), hot showers, any exercise you can manage, listening to inspiring music, and distraction will be your best friends.

Are you doing this under the supervision of your doctor?
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That was my DOC.  I have been off them for over 7 yrs.  Are you tapering down?
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This drug is hydrocodone/ibuprofen.  Hydrocodone is probably the most prescribed opiate pain medication.  Ive never heard of hydrocodone and ibuprofen together.  It's much better than hydrocodone and acetaminophen because the acetaminophen is very hard on the liver.  Depending on the dosage (hydrocodone is usually prescribed in doses 5mg, 7.5mg and 10mg)
You may have some mild discomfort or something more like a true opiate withdrawal.  Tell us a little more about your situation.
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