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Vivtrol shot

I got out of rehab and my rehab had set me up with a years worth of vivatrol well they chose one of there providers to administer the shot for me and its an hour away from where i live and its really hard to make time to go with me workinf and everything but ive asked to see if they can give me what i have left which i think is about 4-6 months worth i havetill march and its over with my free supply for a year but i missed i think 2 or 3 months so i still have alot more than jsut march but they only deliever it to there doctor one by one and i have to let them know ahead of time well im trying to get it where they send him the rest of what i have which should be till around january with the missed shots and i want them to sent me the rest of whst i need so i dont have to do this also i want them to send the rest so i can have there doctor send it to where im locared that way i can have my hometown doctor adminster the shot dor me i have to drive an hour away and i work about 1 hour snd 1p minutes in the other direction so therfor if i went to the place where thet keep sendinf it it will make me about 4-5 hours late cause they dont open till 9 am anyways and close ewrly on fridays and i usually get off early on fridays but they close early and i have to make a 2 and a half hour drive tk get there and i just dont get off that early and ive missed a hunch of days at work do to my court dates from this addiction of opiates im fighting so hard to stay sober from and i rely on this shot especially mt first yesr of sobreity ive been sober since january 13th 2018 i went to rehab and lwavinf with 3 months under my belt already but i ahd to lie and say i relapsed a week before thst way they would pay for it my insurance otherwise they wuldve counted me as sober alrready im back trackinf sorry i just need tk know is there any possible wat i can get what i have left for me and the months that i missed sent to ther doctor thst thet have me going to and have that doctor send it to my family doctor where i live cauwe they open sooner at 7-8 and i start work at 7 so ill only be about 2 maybe 2 and a half hours late instead od 4-5 but how do i go about this i hate thwt the rehab literally made me go through there doctor or i wouldnt be able rk get the shot and pretty much got told if its your sobreity is worth it than you will do it and it shouldnt matter type deal well its everything to me and so is my job cauae my job is paying for my fines so i can get off probation early im on for 3 differentthings and where i take my shot i am one down theee snd teo things in my home town and i already paid 760$ in 3 months in one payment and got off my probation down there snd one here snd now i need one more payment for a dui of 1600 and im done down here so this job is essential to my life as well also it helps me stay sober and keep my mind off of the heroin and not shooting up cause im constantly busy monday throufh friday and aometimws satuday and sunday if we need tk stay snd we are behind and sometimes i work a 15 hour shift i worked from 7am ro 10om and missed rhis shot schedlued date fkr me cause i had to fo to work at 3:30 am and i life almost an hour and 20 away andso i have ti wake up around 1:45 and leave by 1:45 so im saying how can i get this vivatrol shot sent all of it to the doctor they have been sending it to and is it possible to have my doctor down here get it from them cauwe he knkws how tk use it mix it and everything be suprised alot f doctors never heard of it but mine has so please tell mw do i need to call the rehab talk to the head nurse the one who set this all up and than xall the doctor and let them knlw whts going on idk what to do but i need tgis shot literally not exaggeratinf my life depends on it ive alresdy flat lined for 4 minutes from using heroin and i dont wanna use ever again cause i knkw if i do im done i will die and not make it cause i wont have the strength to go through kt agaon and watch me destroy my self the love of my life and my family my girlfriend doesnt use and no one else in my family shoots up heroin or use meth or any of that stuff just drinks and smokes some weed and it destroyed me watching my little sister and mom and girlfriend crying while they were wstching me dead on the floor and trying to revive me and i soke up to them not knowing this had haplend and i cant do it again that destroyed me as a person and i lost a piece of me when i saw this happened and my dad didnt really care all he cared about was rubbing in my moms face that he is getting a new house while she is dirt poor cause he left her with nothing and left our lives when we were 14 and im 21 now he is still in it but not really he dissapearwd for 2 years and we didnt know if he was dead or alive and my brother and i are really close and he wouldnt even go into the hospital room for 2 hours cause he was so upsst and couldnt see me like thst i literally had to get out of the bed and go hug him inthe hall and beg him to come in and talk to me alone and he finally did and he is literally my best friend and he just said he couldnt see me like this but wanted to be there snd regret not going if i passed away and he was happy he went in we talked fkr an hour and i dont cry but when i pulled in my mom and dad talk to them alone my little sister she is 16 when this happend i never forgave my self for her having try to bring her older brother back to life and she was q6 and was crying so bad she couldnt and my mom was fraaking out and doesnt know cpr and after this she has a can or narcane in the house hust in case and my girlfriend was balling her eyes out but she had to calm them both down and start cpr and calm down her self so i wouldnt die and i woke up and they all just started balling in relief of me waking up and i pulled my twin sister in the room alone and it took about 6 hours of talknf to everyone individually 7 people before i let everyone in and ive never cried this hard in my entire life and never been so dissapointed in my self ever since thst night ive never thought of my self in a positive way and been dofferent so yea this shot is really importsnt to me any advice or the strsith solution would be wonderful i need this so please help me im serious about my life depending on it everyday im not on this shot i fear for my life literally fear so scared snd get suvh bad anxiety its hard for me to sleep and i take sleeping meds like anbien and it eont make me fall asleep with how scared and my anxiety is please help me anyway you guys can thank you im already behind my shot 2 days i need answers asap and a solution anything will help
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