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WD from Methedone Tablets

I take 5 Methedone tablets 10ml per day. How would I taper off these prescribed pain pills that I have been taking for 2 years? I live in Idaho, where there are no  Methedone Maintenance programs permitted by law.  I desperately need a step-by-step detailed system in order to safely WD w/o any WD symptoms.  I began the Heroin/Methedone Maintenance Detoxification Program in Santa Ana, CA.  I was successful in this particular treatment method, and I need instructions on how to convert the "liquid-methedone dosage"  to the "pill-form methedone dosage" in order to detoxify my system.
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Many people taper off methadone milligram by milligram over several months, while others prefer to just get it over with & jump off at higher doses, either way ya do it, theirs no avoiding the symtoms of withdrawals, not with methadone. I titrated from 90mgs down to 2mgs, by tapering 2mgs per week, this took almost a year & I never noticed much difference untill I got under 10mgs, this was when it got a bit tough, but I kept going untill I hit 2mgs this is when I stopped. I also switched from the wafers to liquid methadone, this ensures a accurate dose during the titration process. I recomend that you talk to your doctor & work out a tapering plan, & while detoxing off methadone isnt a easy thing to do, it can be done & is done by many people. Penelope
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I also was on methadone and went c/t off 65mg..it was very hard and had I to do it all over again (thankgod i don't) I would have weaned down a bit further. As penelope said it isn't easy but it's not impossible however there is no way to avoid w/d completely. As far as conversion from liquid to pills you should be able to find some sort of conversion chart on line or you could try calling a methadone clinic or Dr. and ask..even if you need to call to a different state. I have in my journal a great article about methadone/withdrawal written by a dr. who was also an addict for 18 yrs. it has alot of info and some things you can do to help ease some of the w/d.
Just reread your question..are you wanting to take liquid?---This is what I found online .Are you sure your taking ml and not mg?-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Re: converting mg to ml
by Robert Fogt on 11/03/03 at 01:46:28

gram/liter is the same as milligram/milliliter

0.25 g/l = 0.25 mg/ml
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