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                   We want to welcome everyone to the Addiction Substance Abuse forum! This is the forum to come to for discussions on topics of addiction and recovery. If you have any questions about addiction, different methods of detoxification, recovery care and planning this is the forum to visit. If you are a family member of a substance abuse addict, please visit our Addiction: Substance Abuse Community to get the support you need:  http://www.medhelp.org/forums/Addiction-Living-with-an-Addict/show/1176

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                 We also have the Addiction Social forum. Because there are so many aspects of life that are affected by addiction, we found the need for a separate forum to have a place to come and discuss all sorts of issues with our members. The Social Forum is the place to discuss how our daily lives are going, check up on other forum members, exchange recipes, share a joke or two with our friends.  You can access it by looking to the right of your screen where you will see “Related Communities”. Click on “Addiction: Social” forum and it will take you right over there.


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~   Do not post asking how or where to buy your drugs/medications.

~   Do not post asking how to pass a drug test.

~  Do not post asking for dosing information on any medication Please consult your prescribing physician  for that information.

~General info about tapering is fine but we are not doctors please to not post taper plans on the forum.

~  Do not post more than one thread per day on the same subject. If you have additional questions concerning that topic, continue to post in the thread you started; and

~ Do not post on the Addiction Communities asking to identify any pills.  Please post those questions in the Family Medicine Community:  http://www.medhelp.org/forums/show/164 where they may be able to assist you.  Any threads posted in the Addiction Communities asking to identify pills will be moved to the Family Medicine Community.

~  In addition to these guidelines, please abide by MedHelp’s “Terms Of Use” which can be viewed at the bottom of the page.  Any post that contains an infraction  of the guidelines will be deleted by our moderators.

The Addiction Communities are comprised of addicts in many stages of detox and recovery. We are from various ethnicities, countries, beliefs, and backgrounds. We ask that you be courteous and respectful of all of our members.

Please come and stay awhile and join both of our communities. Enjoy your experience!

Your Community Leaders,

DominoSarah & gnarly_1

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I wish I found this site sooner!!! Today is 16 days without a Perc  . At one point I was eating 120mgs  a day!! For
Back pain. I quit cold turkey,3 days of hell, pukes,sweating,yawning, insomnia but god everyone on here is right, there is a light at the end my life is coming back energy coming back!!! Sex drive coming back!! Lol but reading all these posts of positive  energy works!! If I could do this anyone could  like a lot have said just think of it as a bad flu an ur body is healing!! God bless!!
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I'm just touching base again to say I have made it without any of the oxycodone meds, for a over a full month.  I have to say, reading posts here and the educational materials available here made a HUGE difference in my getting through it.
THANK-YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT as I needed it. Your wonderful people.  
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You miss understood.I don't have a drug problem.. It's a medical drug
Called Requip, it's forRLS.
Thanks anyway, kat 1233
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Please keep this up so everyone can read b/4 posting
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Hey there ....hope you're doing better each day?

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Good information bud,
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We Do Not Post On This Thread .Its For Information Only If You Have A Question Plz Start A New Thread And Welcome To The Forum..
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