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HI every one  chance are if your here your an addict   ...you do not stop beeing an addict just because you detox and suddenlly feel great    your addiction will so come back to haut you  for me I made it almost 3yr with no more then a weekly visit from a conslor  it was aftercare that and church but something drove me back to abuse the benzos I was getting from him  did a months worth in 10 days....finally i emergeged myself in N/A  FORUND A SPONSOR WORKED THE 12 STEPS  (still do) and for the first time in over 35yrs I can finely say im free of all the things that drove me back to use the cravings the triggers the mood swings all the old garbage from my past is gone and my life is now more serein then I ever ammagined it could be    you all o it to your selfs to give this program a chance  first do it for you   your worth the 1hr meetings you will learn more then you can imagin we speek often about aftercare  is the only way to long term sobrity I believe this program will unlock your addicted brains or I wouldent recamend it  to all who read this this means you.....GOD bless .all...........Gnarly
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Thanks man :) I need more encouragement to continue with aftercare. I often(everyday) have cravings and depression for lack of my doc...

Great post thanks.
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It works if you work it~
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My addiction makes withdrawals so I go to NA to make deposits.
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Aftercare is so important. If NA is not for you give AA a try. Recovery is recovery with the 12 steps.
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Great Post and So True..I go to AA/NA both..I always get a Message from some little Angel that works through People..Our Higher Power what ever it may be works in Mysterious Ways..And every time they read "Just For Today"..I so needed that for that day..If I miss a few days, the Darkness tries  to Creep Back in to my Soul..Thanks Bud!!!

May the Lord be with us All
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Way to be! I'm 2 weeks short of a year of sobriety and being clean. Recovery is fantastic when you do the steps and learn to be honest with yourself and with others. Life is good!
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iam a true believer in na. I started in the other fellowship and didn't get it. I stayed clean and a friend of mine introduced me to na. I felt like I actually belonged there.  place where I fit in. I do the next right thing for me because of this program and I have found that I am not alone. working the steps and knowing there is another way of life has helped me to see that my story isn't one of uniqueness... I truly am not alone. I had to admit I was powerless.. that was huge cause I thought I knew it all. na is a very loving place no matter what you have done... we stick together and I find that it helps to know I am not alone... na works if you do the footwork and you do what needs to be done. no one will do it for you... but they will be there every step of the way... love to all
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I don't think I would be alive without ALL the tools of recovery, including 12 step meetings. I go to AA, our small town has one NA meeting of four people once a week. That almost gave me an excuse not to go. Addiction is addiction and recovery is recovery. As different as all of our experience is, our addiction is that much the same. The 12 step program hAs opened my eyes to the universal characteristics of addiction. We are not as unique as we think we are. I looked to all those with 10 yrs plus clean and they all go to meetings. That was proof enough for me. Counselors who specialize in addiction are another powerful tool. It's like a one on one NA meeting for me. Going to meetings was outside my comfort zone, small town and all, but I couldn't do it alone and everyone suggested meetings. If I wasn't't willing to follow advice, I was doomed. Why ask for help and continue to do things my way? Desperate times take desperate measures. I had to do what it takes, wether I liked it or not. Getting close to a year, so following advice is working so fAr.
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I do not go to NA or AA, but I support the mission they are engaged in 100%.  Without going into all of the gory details, lets just say the religion part is just not for me.

I know it helps a ton of folks and that is great.  I would encourage everyone to try it, some of us just choose other ways after trying it out.

No worries, it's always great to hear such healing stories!

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