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Today my wife's older sister, Rebecca, flew in from San Diego to help me and take shifts at the hospital while waiting for Kristen's body and mind to heal. Her and Kris are only two years apart and although live 3000mi apart, they are extremely close. However, because of the cost to travel they hadnt seen eachother in, I guess it would be about 3 and 1/2 years now.  Her flight arrived around 4 o clock and she drove a rental car here. All of us grew up in Burlington County, N.J. so she knows how to navigate philly like the back of her hand or otherwise I would have gone and gotten her like a gentlemen. Anyway, getting off the plane, getting her luggage, getting the rental car then driving to U-Penn during rush hour took her about 2 hours She walked into Kristen's room at 6:21pm and Kristen opened her eyes literally two minutes after her sister walked in at 6:23pm...she turned her head and looked at me and said, "hi, baby...whats goin on?" in her adorable tired squeeky little voice... quite possibly the most wonderful 5 words i have ever heard in my entire life... i cried. im not afraid to admit as a man i was overcome with joy and relief and I dont know i just love her so much and i thought i was never going to see her gorgeous green eyes again. she is absolutely beautiful by the way... even after this whole ordeal she still makes me week in the knees. by the way i have been wearing the tux i wore at our wedding because she said that she would give anything to see me all dressed up just one more time and i would always just laugh and say i probably dont even fit in it anymore... when she first got in the hospital i was whispering in her ear that i would to anything if she just would pull through this and i said something like ill even squeeze in my old tux and her eyelids fluttered a little so when i went home i put it on went and got my hair cut and bought a red rose to give her when she woke up... the nurses thought it was adorable but i felt pretty stupid. i didnt care i just wanted my wife back.... and now she is : )... she will be going into the womens crisis help clinic tomorrow morning where she will stay and recover for as long as the doctor thinks she should.... she agreed to it and i think thats important for her... so sorry for rambling but my wife is awake and seemingly okay, and hopefully with some time in intensive therapy and finding meds that work for her she will be back to the happy,healthy woman i fell in love with and who still and always will have my heart.... i love you Kris- when you read this i want you to know i never stopped believing in you and i promise to always take your hand and guide you when you cant see the light for yourself and to be your strength when you cannot stand on your own... i love you.

and thank you EVERYONE for your support, prayers, and kind words.

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OMG you have no idea how thrilled i am to read this.  What a wonderful gift you have been both given.....she is awake and saw you in your tux.  What a gentleman you are.....sara
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Hi Mason, this is wonderful news,I'm so glad for the up-date.
My prayer for Kris is that the chains  that bind her will be lifted and this will be a new begining for her and ultmately our family.
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OMG! You have brought tears to my eyes...good for you...great for Kris. That is the sweetist thing you have done..wearing your tux...Good Luck
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I agree Wonderful news.. I'm so happy for you and for your Dear Kris.. Thank you for letting us know. warmly lesa
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that is super ****** awesome news
good to see you managed a sense of humour with the tux
we all will look forward to hearing from Kristen when she's up to it
go take care of her
thanks for the regular updates and the great news.

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Now get some sleep tonight and something to eat.......we cant have you sick.  I am just pleased as punch yet!!!         sara
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Mason I am so utterly relieved and happy for you both.My eyes filled with tears when I read this.God Bless you both.You tell Kristen we can't wait to hear from her.Sending strength and prayers.....Kim
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You have been blessed with Kristens life back. Its like "Its a wonderful Life" Youve got each other. You have a strong bond and strong love. I will pray for you. God is awesome.Reach out to him.
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I have chills. Really GREAT news!!!

Soooo Happy!!!

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The Lord has anwsered our prayers! AMEN! You brought me to tears!

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Yes ... you did get me to tear up also - - so very happy for you .....  from personal experience I can tell you that Kristen will most likely have a renewed interest in life and possibly something resembling a rebirth - I did ....  this is the first day of the rest of your lives ... old cliche - but it fits ..  congratulations ...  and you really dealt with everything well - - maybe you should post a pic of you guys / with you in the tux!!  So happy for you!  Life can be good - - -
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kris is off to the clinic... she has partial nerve damage in her arm but that is the only physical reprocution(sp?) of her incident.... im so happy. thank you again everyone for your support. i am going to be making kristen her own profile once i can get on a pc. ill give you all her user name if you want to leave her messages, notes, etc.  this forum has really kept me going through all this.... thank you all so much. kristen will definitely need the same support when she comes home... i would appreciate it you all showed her the same kindness that you are all so good at giving. i will definitely post pictues and what not to let you guys more into our lives. now i do have a question about something else... i have a.d.h.d. and im going back to school in september to get my r.n. right now im a paramedic and i want more. whenever i was in school i was prescribed ridilin but when i was done school i weened off. well my doctor wants me to start on adderall in august, but ive heard how incredibly addictive it is... anyone else here have experience with add or adhd and take meds for it? do i have optins outside of adderall or ridilin? side note: i cant take concerta because my body rejects it or else that would be my immediate solution. thanks ahead of time for the answers. and thank you all again for your amazing support.

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This is great news and a few tears rolled down my face. You are a great man and Kristen is lucky she to have you by her side to support her during this difficult time. Stay strong Mason. Good luck to the both of you !
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