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WOOOOOO 43 days clean

Im 43 days clean i know i said a few weeks ago that i wasnt counting & i wasnt. I just thought about  the day i quit it was May 30. It took me a few weeks to get my energy back  but man i feel great. For those that dont rember me , i was on 60 mg of oxy a day + 30 to 40mg of percs for BTP for 5 years. I seen i was geting worse with my pills after my last surgery & was only using to feed the addiction i had to the pills as the pain was gone . So when i went to my pain doctor  i refused to take his drug test so i could get off the pills . I had tried to talk to him before & well it didnt get me anywhere  as he wrote me a script for more . But as soon as i refused that test i was dropped as a  patient given a script to taper from & well here i am 43 days clean SOOOOOOO GLAD I DONE IT WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Ok im done ranting now yall go back to youre normal daily rutine  Thanks for letting me make a fool of myself

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You are NOT making a fool out of yourself! That is AWESOME...good for you. I love to hear when people post that they did and are glad they did!


Keep up the good work and keep us updated!
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keep ranting, dont stop there, let everyone know everything, how great it is to feel again, think again, accually be able to remember things, congrats Drew. your no fool.Teddy
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Thanx for the support . I have found alot of support here even though i dont post alot . I do a helva lot of reading here & get alot of strength  from it . Just glad i found this place to help me out .  And i hope all who are trying to fight the addiction have the sucess they are looking for  cause those damn pills will take your life away litteraly.  Well enough of this  sobbing  I got fish to catch !!!!!  Goodluck to all  & rember  It will get better it just takes a while .
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You have every right to be elated. Each day is an accomplishment. Congratulations! Be sure to use the new Tracker to keep track of your recovery.
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Congrats...I cant wait to be free like you are and feel the way you do. It gives me lots of hope!
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u were ready to be done and u did it!...43 days...congrats and it is always good to hear a happy clean person post!
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That's amazing and fabulous and so good to hear!

I really appreciate that you posted.

I feel like those of us still coming off withdrawal and trying to hit the "RESTART" button on our lives NEED to hear about people like yourself who have done this.

Thank you!
Emily :)
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Congradulations and thank you for giving us all a positive post!! You sound great and it sounds like you have got everything in your corner. Keep up the excellent work and post when you can!
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