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Wacky question but any help would be great!

So as we all know when in detox our minds get screwy along with our emotions so I was wondering what do people use to help relax them? That is really the department I need help in honestly. I take normal psych medicines for other reasons but now for some reason it seems to be not working as well. I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow but instead of just adding another med to the mix I would much rather try something herbal like a tea or something. I was taking St.Johns Wart but it seems not to work all that well. So any ideas would be great thanks guys!
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Try l tyrosine and gaba... worked well for me. Also a great b vitamin drink was the trick for me! Good luck! I take st. Johns wort and its just OK.
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Have you ever tried yoga or meditation? As corny and hippie as it sounds you can redirect a lot of negative energy. Not only that but when I do yoga my mind goes completely blank. Cleansing for your soul. I've always enjoyed yoga and working out, both can be very beneficial for many reasons, one being getting this good natural endorphins going!!  For that hour, I'm in complete lighted darkness if that makes any sense. Worth a shot.
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Here4support are you a spirtual person too? lol Meditation is a good way to relax. So long as you're doing it properly. There are also massage places that do Energy healing or therapy as well to address any unbalanced chakras you may have. Reiki healing for depression wouldn't be a bad idea in my opinion... burning some white sage around the house too.

5htp helped with anxiety and still does to this day. I usually take one in the AM whenever I wake up with a bad dream. Just make sure you don't take 5htp along with any other ssri's like SAM e or prozac etc.
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Are you still taking the Sub?  If you are you need to talk with your doctor before you start taking any over the counter stuff.  You also mentioned you take psych meds too.  Not all OTC meds work with this either.
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