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We are out here

Yeah, there are a lot of us out here who to all appearances seem to be "normal" people doing "normal" things.  I have been addicted to drugs for many years.  I went to rehab was doing great for a few years until my chronic kidney stones began acting up.  I was sent to a pain management doctor who put me on 40mg oxycontin and 5mg oxycodone.  I knew this was a bad idea, but I went with it.  Up until 2 days ago I was taking 120mg of oxycontin a day on top of the others.  My insurance quit paying for them this year and a script costs almost $600.00.  I ran out and stopped.  I upped my Norco intake to help w/ the detox, but it is still VERY rough.  I am embarassed to tell anybody, my doc, family or friends that this happened to me again.  I am just trying to get through the day.  Tomorrow is the third day and hopefully will begin to improve some.  Its amazing that I am still taking about 15 Norco a day and still suffering such withdrawals.  Scary is more like it.  It does help me get through knowing that I am not the only person fighting this terrible battle!!!  I live in a town where there are 4 drug treatment centers and countless 12 step meetings.  Guilt and shame have such a grip on me, I can't reach out for help.  Anyone who feels alone, realize you aren't.  Neither are we bad people.  Just gripped by a terrible addiction!
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Day % was when it started to get better. for some day 4. You are doing really good. You are almost through it. Look in my journals for the Thomas recipe. See if it helps you. Heed the warnings about anti-depressants.
Good luck and Welcome.
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hhmmmm.....guilt and shame are two issues that send me back on the merry-go-round---

you are right, we aren't bad people...and we need each other...this is a "WE" program...I can't do it by myself...and neither can you...KEEP POSTING...we are here for you!!!
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You came to the right place brother! Glad to have you on the forum. Hang in there--relief is in sight. Just keep posting and venting-you will get all the support you need right here on the forum!! WE are very proud of YOU for quitting.
Congrats on getting off the drugs!
Stay strong,
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ps...I know what you mean about the shame and guilt....I felt I had nobody to talk to and I was in this alone....and then I found this place. Even us 'normal' people need to vent sometimes!! :-)
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